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Wheelchair Accessible Beaches
on Cape Cod

Updated: July 31, 2023

Cape Cod's wheelchair accessible beaches give everyone a chance to enjoy the sun, sand and surf!

Wheelchairs at a Cape Cod Bay beachWheelchair Accessible Beach in Brewster MA

There's no doubt about it ...

Navigating across loose sand poses an epic challenge for anyone who relies on a wheelchair, a cane, crutches, or a walker to get around.

For those with limited mobility, Cape Cod's wheelchair accessible beaches make it possible to get right to the water's edge ... and beyond.

About Wheelchair Access at Cape Cod Beaches

Thanks in large part to the generosity of wonderful organizations like SMILE Mass (smilemass.org), dozens of beaches across Cape Cod have been equipped with special assistive devices that are available for use during the summer months.

Mobi-Chair Floating Wheelchairs

Using a MobiChair floating wheelchair, anyone - no matter how limited their mobility might be - can enjoy a cooling dip on a hot summer day.

Mobi-chair at Kalmus Beach in Hyannis"Mobi-Chair"

Beach Wheel Chairs (a/k/a Sunbathing Chairs)

These are over-sand chairs. They don't float. Instead, they're built to roll on pavement, boardwalks, and across the beach. 

Beach attendant demonstrating an oversand wheelchairOver-Sand Wheelchair at Red River Beach in Harwich

Important: Beach wheelchairs are available only when attendants are on duty.

Here on the Cape, most beach attendants are college kids, home on summer break from mid-June to mid-August.

If you be here in early June or late August, be sure to call ahead to ensure that an attendant will be on duty and a beach wheelchair will be available!

Boardwalks, Ramps and Mobi-Mats

At many beaches on Cape Cod, a system of boardwalks, ramps, or hard-surfaced mats provide a stable surface for wheelchairs to navigate on top of the sand.

These access points also come in handy for folks who use a cane, crutches, or a walker. And for moms and dads pushing strollers, too!

View of Race Point Beach with Access MatMobiMat to Race Point Beach in Provincetown

Wheelchair Accessible vs. Wheelchair "Practical" Beaches

I've learned a lot while doing my research for this page. Perhaps most importantly, I discovered that ...

There's a big difference between a beach that's technically accessible (because it has a Mobi-mat, for example) and one that's easily accessible. 

This realization hit me like a ton of bricks one day when I went to snap photos at a beach that's widely touted as being "handicap accessible". 

What did I find? A brand new Mobi-mat ... laid over a steep dune.

I'm sure it's possible to maneuver a wheelchair along that mat. But why hassle with the hill, especially when there's an easier-to-access beach nearby?!

Services & Amenities at the Cape's Accessible Beaches

These amenities and services are normally available in-season

  • Designated handicap parking

  • Accessible restroom facilities
  • Mobi-mat, ramps or boardwalk

  • Beach and/or floating wheelchair

The Best Accessible Beaches on Cape Cod

The beaches you'll see below are most easily accessible to all, as a practical matter.

For details about other accessible beaches in each Cape Cod town, be sure to see my town-by-town beach guides.

Monument Beach

Shore Road
Bourne, MA
(508) 759-0600

Known locally as "Mo Beach", this is the only town-owned beach in Bourne that's relatively simple to get on and off using a wheelchair.

Looking out over Monument beachMonument Beach in Bourne MA

The parking lot here is level with the beach, and there's a relatively gentle grade at the shoreline - a bonus for anyone who wants to enjoy the warm, calm water.

There's no food available on-site. The beach is lifeguarded in season, and the rest room facilities are handicap accessible.

Monument Beach has a MobiChair on loan during the summer. To borrow it, see the lifeguard when you arrive.

*Note: In-season parking requires a parking pass issued by the Town of Bourne.

Scusset Beach

Scusset Beach Road
Sagamore (Bourne), MA
(508) 888-0859

This long, wide stretch of beachfront is the crown jewel of Scusset Beach State Park.

View of Scusset BeachScusset Beach

From the large, level parking lot, access to the beach is via paved sidewalks leading to a wide wooden boardwalk. There's a moderate grade up and over a gently sloping dune.

Seasonal services include accessible restrooms, shower facilities, lifeguards, and a snack bar.

To reserve a beach wheelchair for use at Scusset, call (508) 888-0859.

*Note: In-season parking requires a daily fee or MA State Parks Pass.

Old Silver Beach

Quaker Road
North Falmouth MA
(508) 548-8623

Facing the warm, calm waters of Buzzards Bay, Old Silver is easily one of the prettiest beaches in the town of Falmouth.

Soaking in the sun at Old Silver BeachOld Silver Beach in Falmouth MA

Wheelchair access is via a ramp. There's very little grade to navigate across the beach and a gentle slope into the water.

In season, amenities include restrooms, bathhouse, a snack bar and lifeguards. Handicap parking spaces are limited at this very popular beach. So it's a good idea to get there as early in the day as possible.

To reserve a beach wheelchair at Old Silver Beach, call (508) 548-8623 at least one day in advance.

*Note: In-season parking requires a daily fee or a beach parking sticker issued by the Town of Falmouth.

South Cape Beach

Great Oak Road
Mashpee MA
(508) 457-0495

Bordered by Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, South Cape is a beautiful, expansive beach overlooking Vineyard Sound in Mashpee.

South Cape Beach in autumnSouth Cape Beach in Mashpee MA

A 6-foot-wide boardwalk leads to an observation deck, giving all visitors a chance to take in the gorgeous views at South Cape.

From the public parking lot, hard-packed paths lead to the beach, and an oversand wheelchair is available for transport right to the shoreline.

South Cape is lifeguarded in the summer months. Seasonal facilities include accessible rest room facilities (porta-potty), a handicap changing booth, and wheelchair-friendly picnic tables.

To reserve a beach wheelchair or for more information about Waquoit Bay Reserve, call (508) 457-0495.  

Important: There are two parking lots at South Cape Beach. One is managed by the town and is for town residents only in-season. The other lot is managed by the state and is open to everyone in-season (parking fee/pass required). 

For beach wheelchair accessibility, the state-managed lot is the one you want.

*Note: In-season parking in the state-managed lot requires a daily fee or MA State Parks pass.

Kalmus Beach

Ocean St. and Hawes Ave.
Hyannis MA
(508) 790-9884

No matter what time of year you're here, a day in Hyannis should always include a visit to Kalmus Beach!

View of Nantucket Sound from Kalmus BeachKalmus Beach in Hyannis MA

This "two-sided" beach has great views of Hyannis Yacht Club and Lewis Bay from one side, and open views of the famous Kennedy Compound and Nantucket Sound from the other.

Wooden boardwalks lead from the parking lot to the beach, rest rooms, changing facilities and snack facilities.

A Mobi-Chair is available during the summer months for anyone who wants to enjoy the warm, placid waters that lap the Kalmus Beach shoreline.

For Mobi-Chair reservations, call (508) 790-6345.

*Note: In-season parking requires a daily fee or a parking sticker issued by the Town of Barnstable.

Bass River ("Smugglers") Beach

South Shore Drive
South Yarmouth MA
(508) 398-2231

Whether you're yearning to lounge in the sun or you're hoping to catch a seafood feast for your dinner table, Smugglers Beach in Yarmouth is a great place to do it!

Sunbathers on Smugglers BeachBass River Beach in South Yarmouth MA

From the big, level-terrain parking lot, visitors with limited mobility can take the boardwalk to the beach or onto the Bass River fishing pier.

In the summer months, this beach has lifeguards, accessible restroom facilities, and food is available.

If you'd like to use the Mobi-Chair here, ask the gate attendant or call (508) 398-2231 to reserve.

*Note: In-season parking requires a daily fee or a beach parking pass issued by the Town of Yarmouth.

Corporation Beach

Corporation Road
Dennis MA
(508) 760-6159

For those with physical disabilities, this wonderful family beach on Cape Cod Bay is one of the easiest Dennis beaches to access.     

Low tide at Corporation BeachCorporation Beach in Dennis MA

Although its popular neighbor, Mayflower Beach, is also accessible, Corporation has everything a beachgoer could ask for - and it's usually a bit less crowded than Mayflower.

In season, Corporation Beach is staffed by lifeguards. Ramps and sidewalks lead to the snack bar, picnic tables, bathhouse and beach.

To reserve a Mobi-Chair for use at Corporation or Mayflower, call (508) 385-1558.

*FYI: On the Nantucket Sound side of town, West Dennis Beach is also wheelchair accessible. To reserve an oversand chair for West Dennis Beach, call (508) 760-6240.

*Note: In-season parking at these beaches requires a daily fee or parking pass issued by the Town of Dennis.

UPDATE: There's now a new, motorized beach wheelchair for use at Corporation Beach. It'll be there through Labor Day weekend. Call the number above to reserve. 

Bank Street Beach

Bank Street
Harwich MA
(508) 430-7552

As you can see in the photo below, Bank Street is a spacious beach with great open-water views. It's one of my favorite beaches in the town of Harwich.

A sunny summer day at Bank Street BeachBank Street Beach in Harwich MA

At Bank Street, it's quite easy to get from the parking lot to the wood boardwalk and onto the beach. There's virtually no grade change at all from pavement to sand and very little slope from the beach to the water.

During the summer months, Bank Street Beach has lifeguards, a mobile food concession, and restroom facilities that are accessible via a ramp.

Beach and floating wheelchairs are available. For information, call (508) 430-7552.

Paines Creek Landing Beach

Paines Creek Road
Brewster MA
(508) 896-2737

Paine's Creek Landing is among the loveliest and most handicap accessible portions of Brewster's scenic Cape Cod Bay shoreline.

accessible-paines-creek.jpgPaines Creek Beach in Brewster MA

Although vehicle parking here is somewhat limited, it's worth the effort to go early enough (or wait until later in the day) to find a spot!

Paine's Creek isn't lifeguarded, and there's no snack bar here. Seasonal restroom facilities consist of an accessible porta-potty.

Wheelchairs are available to the public, free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis.

For Mobi-Chair use at Paines Creek, call (508) 240-4946.

FYI: Brewster also has floating beach wheelchairs for use at Breakwater Beach, Long Pond (fresh water), and First Light Beach (for residents only).

To reserve the chair for Breakwater Beach, call (508) 240-4946. For Long Pond, see the lifeguard on duty. And for First Light, see the gate attendant.

*Note: Beach parking requires a town of Brewster-issued parking permit.

Harding's Beach

Hardings Beach Road
Chatham MA
(508) 945-5158

Imagine a shoreline that appears to stretch on forever. When you get your first peek at Harding's Beach in Chatham, you'll see what I mean.

A quiet day at Hardings BeachHardings Beach in Chatham MA

This lovely beach is rimmed by low dunes and looks out onto Nantucket Sound.

Using a beach wheelchair allows visitors to travel without difficulty from the large, paved parking lot onto the sand.

In season, bathhouse and restroom facilities are available, food is provided by vendor trucks, and the beach is lifeguarded. 

A Mobichair is available at the lifeguard station.

FYI: Beach wheelchairs also available at Red River, Pleasant Road, and Earle Road beaches.

*Note: Town of Harwich-issued parking sticker required.

Skaket Beach

Skaket Beach Road
Orleans MA
(508) 240-3700

From Skaket's ample parking lot, there's a relatively gradual grade down to the shoreline ... to a beach that "grows" exponentially as the tide goes out and the sand flats appear. 

Lady wheeling stroller on Skaket BeachSkaket Beach in Orleans MA

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. That's a mom pushing a stroller across the sand at Skaket Beach. 

Seasonal services at this popular beach in Orleans include a snack bar, restrooms, outdoor rinse-off showers, and lifeguards.

A Mobichair is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

*Note:  Parking by daily fee or town-issued sticker.

First Encounter Beach

Samoset Road
Eastham MA
(508) 240-5974

On Cape Cod Bay in Eastham, First Encounter holds an important historic distinction. It's the site of the first encounter between the Mayflower settlers and the native residents on Cape Cod.

Now, nearly 300 years later, visitors and locals still meet on this scenic beach!

View of the low dunes at First Encounter BeachFirst Encounter Beach in Eastham MA

Although First Encounter isn't lifeguarded and no food service is available, there's a seasonal porta-potty, and a beach wheelchair is available.

FYI: For anyone who's wondering why I didn't choose Coast Guard Beach as Eastham's best accessible beach, it's pretty simple ...

Yes, Coast Guard is one of the most magnificent beaches on all of Cape Cod. It's wheelchair accessible. And it has services that First Encounter lacks, such as lifeguards and "real" restrooms.

But remember, we're talking about practicality here.

At Coast Guard, the on-site parking lot sits high above the shore, and handicap access to the beach is via a sloping rampway. IMHO, that makes Coast Guard more challenging to access for anyone with mobility issues.

*Note: Parking at First Encounter requires a daily fee paid at the beach or a town-issued parking pass.

Mayo Beach

Kendrick Avenue
Wellfleet MA
(508) 349-0300

As glorious as Wellfleet's ocean-side beaches are, the simple truth is: they're inaccessible by anyone who's not able to climb a steep set of stairs or a shifting wall of sand.

That's why my choice for the most easily accessible beach in Wellfleet is Mayo Beach, on the Cape Cod Bay side of town.

Scenic view of Mayo BeachMayo Beach in Wellfleet MA

Mayo isn't a large beach, by any means. But it's family friendly, and it's a nice place to spend a little time enjoying the sun, the salt air, and the scenery. It's also fun to watch the oystermen tending their traps at low tide.

Plus, this is one of the free-parking beaches on Cape Cod all year round.

Seasonal services at Mayo Beach are limited. It's lifeguarded during the summer, and a beach wheel chair is available by advance reservation. Call (508) 349-9818 as far in advance as possible to reserve. 

FYI: Food (including fresh-from-the-sea Wellfleet oysters) is available across the street at Bookstore Restaurant, or right around the corner at the pier.

Corn Hill Beach

Corn Hill Road
Truro MA
(508) 487-6983

Truro is also blessed with some of the most spectacular beaches on all of Cape Cod. Unfortunately, the thing that makes Truro's shoreline so breathtaking - the towering dunes - also makes many Truro beaches a challenge to get to.

One notable exception is Corn Hill Beach on the Cape Cod Bay side of town.

Access path between the dunes at Corn Hill BeachCorn Hil Beach in Truro MA

Although Corn Hill does have a little bit of an incline to navigate on the way to the water, it's do-able via a ramp from the paved parking lot to the high tide line. 

Corn Hill also has a mobi-mat that makes the going easier for those who use a wheelchair, cane, walker or crutches.

The beach isn't lifeguarded. But there are accessible rest room facilities (porta-potty), and beach wheelchairs are available at Corn Hill, in season.

For more information concerning use of beach wheel chairs or handicap accessibility, contact the Beach Office at (508) 487-6983. 

*Note: Town of Truro-issued sticker required for beach parking.

Herring Cove Beach

Rt. 6A and Provincelands Road
Provincetown MA
(800) 809-1750

Provincetown is graced with two wonderful, accessible beaches:  Race Point and Herring Cove.

As much as I adore Race Point for its wide-open spaces and incredible vistas, I have to go with Herring Cove here ... simply because Herring Cove has more helpful features for folks with physical challenges.

Lighthouse in the distance from Herring Cove BeachHerring Cove Beach in Provincetown MA

Seasonal amenities at Herring Cove include accessible restroom facilities, changing rooms, and showers that'll accommodate a wheelchair. There's a snack bar, and the beach is lifeguarded in the summer months.

Access from the parking area to the beach is via sidewalks and ramps.

*Note: Daily fee or National Parks pass required for parking.

List of Cape Cod Beaches
with Beach Wheelchairs

Here's a town-by-town listing of beaches where over-sand and/or floating wheelchairs are available in the summer months:


  • Covell
  • Craigville
  • Dowses
  • Eugenia Fortes
  • Keyes Memorial
  • Millway
  • Sandy Neck
  • Veterans
  • Hamblin Pond
  • Hathaway Pond


  • Monument Beach
  • Scusset Beach State Park


  • Breakwater
  • First Light
  • Paine's Creek
  • Long Pond


  • Harding’s Beach
  • Oyster Pond


  • Bayview
  • Chapin
  • Cold Storage 
  • Corporation
  • Glendon
  • Howes Street
  • Mayflower
  • Princess
  • West Dennis


  • Coast Guard (Cape Cod National Seashore beach)


  • Bristol
  • Chapoquoit
  • Falmouth Heights
  • Megansett
  • Menauhant
  • Old Silver
  • Stoney
  • Surf Drive
  • Woodneck


  • Bank Street
  • Earle Road
  • Pleasant Road
  • Red River
  • Sand Pond
  • Long Pond


  • South Cape (town-managed beach)
  • John's Pond


  • Skaket Beach


  • Ryder Street Extension
  • Herring Cove (Cape Cod National Seashore beach)


  • Peters Pond at Oakcrest Cove
  • Snake Pond
  • Wakeby-Mashpee Pond at Ryder Conservation


  • Corn Hill
  • Head of the Meadow (town-managed beach)


  • Gull Pond


  • Bass Hole (Gray’s Beach)
  • Bass River
  • Seagull

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