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Falmouth Beaches 

Falmouth beaches are among the nicest in the Upper Cape Cod region. 

The Bay and Sound waters are wonderful for families - warmer than the Atlantic Ocean (many, many degrees warmer!), and normally quite calm.

Old Silver Beach - Falmouth, MA



COVID-19 guidelines are in effect. Social distancing is required.

* The town's beach parking sticker policies for 2020 have changed. Please click here for details.

Falmouth MA Beach Parking Fees & Stickers

Parking Fees: From mid-June to mid-September, non-residents may park at some Falmouth MA beaches for a daily fee, paid at the gate. At other beaches, a  temporary resident sticker is required. 

Daily beach parking fees:

  • Old Silver Beach - $20
  • Surf Drive Beach - $15
  • Menauhant Beach - $10

Temporary resident beach parking sticker costs:

  • $60/week
  • $70/two weeks
  • $80/three weeks
  • $90/four weeks
  • $30/owner for timeshare owners

Stickers may be purchased at Ellen T. Mitchell Bath House, 56 Surf Drive. Call (508) 548-8623 for more info.

This icon indicates that the beach is accessible to people with disabilities via a boardwalk, ramp, Mobi-Mat, or beach wheelchair.

The Cape's Best Wheelchair Accessible Beaches

The Best Beaches in Falmouth MA


Old Silver Beach

Old Silver is the most popular of all Falmouth beaches, with good reason. It's long and wide, with beautifully clear water and amazing views.

There's a really pretty little inlet that runs from the Bay to a saltmarsh on the other side of the road. That's my favorite place to get away from the crowd and hang out.

All in all, this is a wonderful beach for all ages.

  • Body of Water: Buzzards Bay

  • Crowd Factor: Of all the public Falmouth beaches, this is the busiest. (Much too busy during the season for my tastes, but I love it during the off-season!)

  • Amenities: Lifeguard, food concessions, restroom and shower facilities, picnic area. Mobi wheelchairs available.

  • Location: Off Quaker Road in North Falmouth

  • Parking: Lots fill up early during the summer, sometimes as early as 9:15 a.m. So plan to get there early and stay a while. Daily fee ($20) or sticker required.

  • Note: Watch out for strong currents, especially around the times of high tide, and particularly in the area near the jetty.

Chapoquoit Beach

Chapoquoit is a favorite with many "locals" looking to get away from it all. It's situated on a spit of land that pokes out into Buzzards Bay, giving it a somewhat secluded feel.

The beach is long and a bit narrow, with a wide open view of the Bay.

  • Body of Water: Buzzards Bay

  • Crowd Factor: Rarely gets very crowded

  • Amenities: Lifeguard, food concession, restrooms. Stairway leads to the beach.

  • Location: Chapoquoit Road (off Rt. 28A) in West Falmouth

  • Parking: Large lot. Sticker required.

Surf Drive Beach

Surf Drive Beach is located just a few minutes drive or bike ride from the center of Falmouth Village. And a gorgeous drive it is, with amazing views of Vineyard Sound and Martha's Vineyard!

Surf Drive Beach is long and roomy, with gentle waves. There's a small inlet just north of the beach area that's great for little kids to explore.

The snack bar at Surf Drive is one of the best anywhere. It's not just the usual burgers, dogs and nachos at this snack bar. Try a grilled chicken sandwich and a fruit smoothie for a yummy and healthy lunch at a very reasonable price.

  • Body of Water: Vineyard Sound/Nantucket Sound

  • Crowd Factor: Popular, but not overly crowded

  • Amenities: Lifeguard, snack bar, restroom and shower facilities. Beach wheelchair available.

  • Location: Surf Drive in Falmouth

  • Parking: Large lot. Daily fee ($15) or sticker required.

Menauhant Beach

Menauhant is one of the more secluded-feeling Falmouth beaches, set in a quiet East Falmouth neighborhood.

The warmer water, soft wave action and long, narrow stretch of sand are perfect for a laid-back day watching the wildlife, picking up shells, or just hanging out on the beach.

  • Body of Water: Nantucket Sound

  • Crowd Factor: Rarely gets very crowded

  • Amenities: Lifeguard, ice cream truck, restroom facilities. Beach wheel chair available.

  • Location: Off Menauhant Road in East Falmouth

  • Parking: Good sized parking area. Daily fee ($10) or sticker required.

Falmouth Heights Beach

This is a great beach for families with teens, for young adults, and for anyone who's looking for Falmouth beaches where there's plenty of activity.

For everyone else, Falmouth Heights Beach is also long enough that you'll find room to get away from it all when you're ready to enjoy the warm waters and soft sand in a more serene mode.

  • Body of Water: Nantucket Sound

  • Crowd Factor: Very popular, but plenty of space

  • Amenities: Lifeguards, food concession, restroom facilities

  • Location: Off Falmouth Heights Road in Falmouth Heights.

  • Parking: Large lot. Sticker required.

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