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Plan Your
Accessible Cape Cod Vacation

Yes, Cape Cod is accessible to all! From our beautiful beaches to comfy places to stay and fun things to see and do, the Cape welcomes visitors of all abilities to come and enjoy!!

Vacationers using wheelchairs on a Cape Cod Bay beach


About This Guide

Over the years, I've had a number of Cape Days readers contact me, asking for my help planning an accessible Cape Cod vacation.

Some were having trouble finding ADA-compliant lodging on the Cape. Others asked about beaches, activities, and entertainment that an injured or elderly person could enjoy while using a walker or cane.

It's been my pleasure to help my site's readers find what they need! It's also been a real eye-opener, discovering that there's no single, comprehensive resource out there for Cape Cod vacationers who have a physical or cognitive disability.

In this section of my site, you'll find my "all-in-one" guide to disability-friendly Cape Cod vacations.

Currently (July 2021), it's still a work in progress. Please bookmark this page and come back often to see what's new!

Accessible Lodging

(coming soon)

Accessible Activities & Attractions



Trails & Paths

Fishing Piers

More ...

Getting Around

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