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All-in-One Guide to
Harwich MA Beaches

Updated: August 15, 2022

A number of fine Harwich beaches line the town's Nantucket Sound shoreline. 

Man sitting in lounge chair, reading a book, in a secluded spot on a sandy beachQuiet Time at a Harwich Beach

Turn to the south off Route 28, make your way toward the water, and you'll quickly discover Harwich's scenic and inviting coast.

The Best Beaches in Harwich MA

Red River Beach

People in swimsuits, sunning and walking on a wide beach, enjoying a sunny dayRed River Beach

This is one of the best Harwich beaches to visit if you're looking for room to spread your beach blanket out, away from other people.

Red River is a big, wide, long beach with very powdery sand. It's a nice beach for families, with plenty of room for the kids to play and gentle waters to splash around in.

  • Body of Water: Nantucket Sound

  • Crowd Factor: Not overly crowded

  • Amenities: Lifeguard, mobile food vendor, restroom facilities.

  • Location: At the end of Uncle Venie's Lane in East Harwich (*FYI - Other streets will get you to Red River Beach. I recommend using Uncle Venie's. It's the easiest way to get here.)

  • Parking: Daily fee or sticker required.

Bank Street Beach

Footprints in the sand near an oasis of seagrass and a small pine tree, blue sky over a calm oceanBank Street Beach

Bank Street is a very popular town beach for all ages. It's a little smaller than Red River Beach, but still plenty large enough to comfortably accommodate the many visitors and locals that flock here during the height of summer vacation season.

Like many other Harwich beaches, Bank Street has wonderfully soft sand and panoramic views of Nantucket Sound.

  • Body of Water: Nantucket Sound

  • Crowd Factor: Moderately to very crowded.

  • Amenities: Lifeguards in season, food concessions, restroom facilities.

  • Location: Off Bank Street in Harwichport

  • Parking: Sticker required

Earle Road Beach

A few beachgoers sitting in their lounge chairs, looking out toward the ocean, small waves rolling in on the shorelineEarle Road Beach

Earle Road is a medium-sized beach, with rock jetties and gently breaking waves.

It's a little more quiet than some other Harwich beaches. Perhaps a little too quiet for families with teens who're looking for lots of activity.

Nonetheless, Earle Road is a wonderful little beach for anyone looking for some serenity on a hot summer day.

  • Body of Water: Nantucket Sound

  • Crowd Factor: Not usually crowded

  • Amenities: Lifeguard in season. Food concession, restroom facilities.

  • Location: Earle Road in Harwich

  • Parking: Daily fee or sticker required.

Pleasant Road Beach

Puffy clouds in a blue sky over a dark blue ocean, wooden lifeguard stations on the beach, beachgoers in the distancePleasant Road Beach

Pleasant Road is a relatively large beach, as far as Harwich beaches go.

It's great for families, because it has most of the amenities you need when you have kids in tow. And it's also a nice place for adults to enjoy a swim or walk along the shoreline taking in the scenery.

  • Body of Water: Nantucket Sound

  • Crowd Factor: Busy, but not usually overly crowded.

  • Amenities: Lifeguard in season, food concession, restroom facilities.

  • Location: Off Pleasant Road in East Harwich

  • Parking: Daily fee or sticker required.

Atlantic Avenue Beach

Wooden stairway leading to a narrow beach, bright blue sky with a few billowy white clouds, calm blue oceanAtlantic Avenue Beach

Atlantic Avenue is like many Nantucket Sound beaches. The water's warm in summer, the waves are gentle, and there's a lovely view out over the Sound.

A couple things are important to know if you're going to Atlantic Avenue Beach:

First, it's set between two privately owned beaches. Be sure to stay within the boundaries of the rock jetties so you don't risk roaming onto private property.

Second, there's a steep stairway leading down to the beach. If stairs are an issue for you, you'll want to choose a different beach.

  • Body of Water: Nantucket Sound

  • Crowd Factor: Normally not too crowded.

  • Amenities: None

  • Location: Off Ocean Avenue in Harwich

  • Parking: Sticker required.

Handicap Accessible Beaches in Harwich

In season, most Harwich beaches have a beach wheelchair on loan to help visitors with mobility limitations  access and enjoy the beach.

Attractive young woman sitting in a blue and white beach wheelchair

Beach wheelchairs available at:

  • Bank Street Beach
  • Earle Road Beach
  • Pleasant Road Beach
  • Red River Beach
  • Long Pond

*Note - Beach wheelchair availability is on a first come, first served basis. On occasion, wheelchairs may not be available due to weather conditions or beach staffing limitations.

For more information about handicap accessibility at the town-managed beaches in Harwich, contact the Recreation Department at (508) 430-7553.

Harwich MA Beach Parking Fees & Stickers

From mid-June to Labor Day, a town-issued sticker or a daily fee is required at all Harwich beaches during normal beach hours.

No entrance fee is charged if you walk or bike to the beach.

Daily parking fees are paid to the gate attendant.

Beach parking stickers can be purchased at the Harwich Community Center (100 Oak Street) or at the Chamber of Commerce (1 Schoolhouse Rd., Harwich Port), in season, during regular business hours.

See the Harwich Beach brochure [PDF] for more info.

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