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Visitors Guide to
Bourne MA Beaches

Updated: August 11, 2022

Compared with the number of public beaches in many other Cape Cod towns, Bourne beaches are somewhat few and far between.

But when you're in Bourne and ready to cool off with a dip in saltwater, you'll find several lovely stretches of sandy coastline that are well worth a visit.

People on the beach, colorful beach umbrellas and views of boats in the harborMonument Beach

Public Beaches in Bourne MA

This icon indicates that the beach is accessible to people with disabilities via a boardwalk, ramp, Mobi-Mat, or beach wheelchair.

The Cape's Best Wheelchair Accessible Beaches

Monument Beach (a/k/a "Mo Beach")

Situated near the western entrance to the Canal, Monument Beach is a fun place to swim, relax in the sun, and watch boats coming and going from the adjacent marina. It's also a popular spot for windsurfing.

The beach is large, has plenty of room, and rarely feels too crowded. Mo Beach is kind of pebbly/shelly in spots. If your feet are especially sensitive, be sure to bring your flip-flops or beach shoes.

Body of Water: Buzzards Bay

Crowd Factor: Generally not overly crowded

Services: Lifeguards, snack bar, restroom and shower facilities, volleyball net, swim dock. Beach wheelchairs available in season. Call (508) 759-0613 for info.

Parking: Large lot. Occasionally fills. Town-issued sticker required. (Temporary stickers are valid here.)

How to Get There: Off Shore Road and Emmons Road in Bourne, MA

Scusset Beach

This state-run beach is part of the Scusset Beach State Reservation - a large, seaside state park on the "mainland" side of the Cape Cod Canal.  

Scusset is a very long, pretty beach that begins near the eastern entrance to the Canal and extends nearly as far as the eye can see. The sand is soft, and the wave action is normally calm to moderate.

This is a fantastic place for beachcombing, yacht-spotting, and surf fishing. In the summer, look for bluefish breaking the surface just off shore.

Body of Water: Cape Cod Bay

Crowd Factor: Plenty of room, so rarely feels crowded

Services: Lifeguards, restrooms and shower area, snack bar. Beach wheelchairs available in season. Call (508)866-2580 to reserve.

Parking: Large lot. Daily parking fee ($14 for MA residents, $40 for non-residents). Free with a State Parks Pass.

You can also park for free at one of the lots near the Bourne Bridge and bike along the Canal to Scusset Beach. (This is a state-managed park. Town-issued beach stickers are not valid here.)

How to Get There: Exit 1 off Rt. 3 to Scusset Beach Road in Sagamore, MA

Electric Avenue Beach

This small beach in the "downtown" area of Bourne has nice sand and amazingly clear blue water. There's a playground for the kids, bike racks, and views of the nearby windmill, too.

Body of Water: Buzzards Bay

Crowd Factor: Not crowded

Services: Lifeguard

Parking: A resident's sticker is required to park here. Beach entry is free for walkers and cyclists.

How to Get There: Route 28 to Lincoln Avenue, then left on Gardenier Avenue

Sagamore Beach

One of several beaches near the eastern entrance to the Canal, Sagamore Beach is also on the "mainland" side of the town of Bourne.

Although I personally prefer Scusset for all the amenities it offers, Sagamore Beach is a perfectly fine place to spend time, too!

Body of Water: Cape Cod Bay

Crowd Factor: Usually not an issue

Services: Lifeguards and porta-potties

Parking: Resident sticker required. Walk or bicycle in at no charge.

How to Get There: Off Phillips Road in Sagamore Beach

Gray Gables Beach

In the quaint Bourne village of Gray Gables, this medium-sized beach has a small swimming area and nice views of boats in the anchorage just offshore.

The water at this beach is warm and very calm. And at low tide, little "creeklets" form - great for small tykes to splash around in.

Body of Water: Buzzards Bay, just beyond the western end of the Monument River

Crowd Factor: A good amount of room to spread out, but not an especially quiet atmosphere during the busy season.

Services: None. 

Parking: Resident sticker required. Free to walk or bike in.

How to Get There: Gilder Road (via Shore Rd. to Monument Neck Rd. to Presidents Rd. to Gilder)

Bourne MA Beach Parking Fees & Passes

At virtually all beaches in the town of Bourne, a town-issued vehicle parking pass is required.

The only exception is Scusset Beach, a state-owned beach on the "mainland" side of the Cape Cod Canal. At Scusset, a daily fee or Mass. Parks Pass is accepted.

Beach Parking Pass Information

The town of Bourne is pretty stingy with its parking stickers. And that makes beach parking a tricky issue for visitors.

Here's how it works ...

Town-issued parking stickers are available to permanent residents, property owners, and long-term renters in Bourne, as well as visitors who are staying in Bourne for one week or longer.

That means ...

If you're a permanent resident, property owner, or long-term renter, you're golden. Buy a sticker, and you can park at any town-managed beach in Bourne. 

If you'll be staying in Bourne for one week or more, you're eligible for a temporary 1-week or 2-week sticker. However, your temporary sticker will be valid only at Monument Beach.

So, your options will be: (1) buy the sticker to use at Monument Beach, then walk or bike to any other town beaches you'd like to visit; and/or (2) go to state-managed Scusset Beach and pay the daily parking fee.

Sticker Costs: 1-Week Temporary $40 (for Monument Beach only); 2-Week Temporary $60 (Monument Beach only)

More details about Bourne parking fees and stickers >>>

Important FYI: Parking stickers are required all year long!

You'll get hit with a stiff fine if you're caught parking without a sticker. (And yes, they do ticket illegally parked vehicles in the off-season, too.) Ouch!!

Handicap Accessible Beaches in Bourne MA

In season, some Bourne beaches have a beach wheelchair, MobiMat and/or ramp to help visitors with mobility limitations access and enjoy the beach.

*Note - Beach wheelchair availability is on a first come, first served basis. On occasion, wheelchairs may not be available due to weather conditions or beach staffing limitations.

Accessible Town-Managed Beaches

Beach Wheelchair:

  • Monument Beach - available on-site on a first come, first served basis

  • Taylors Point Marina - beach wheelchair may be borrowed and taken to any beach in town. Call the Marina at (508) 759-2512 for details and to reserve


  • Monument Beach
  • Electric Avenue Beach
  • Hens Cove Beach

For more information about accessibility at the town-managed beaches in Bourne, contact the Bourne Dept. of Natural Resources at (508) 759-0600 Ext.5302.

Accessible State Park Beaches in Bourne

Beach Wheelchairs and Mobi-Mat:

  • Scusset Beach State Park

For more information about accessibility at Scusset Beach, contact the MA Dept. of Conservation & Recreation at (508) 888-0859.

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