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Best Beach for Toddlers

by Karine
(Montreal, Quebec)

Question: Hi! What is the best beach for a 1 and a 4 years old? Thanks!

Dee's Reply: Hi Karine - There are so many wonderful beaches for toddlers on Cape Cod, it's impossible to recommend just one!

The only beaches I wouldn't recommend for young children are our Atlantic Ocean beaches. The water is brrrrrr cold, and the surf can be very intense. Big waves and small children are not a good combination!

With children as young as yours, the beaches on the Bays and Sounds will be your best choice.

Click here to read about the differences between Cape Cod Bay, Buzzards Bay, Nantucket Sound and Vineyard Sound beaches.

Then have a look at the first map on this page. You'll see each region and town on Cape Cod, and where the Ocean, Bays and Sounds are located. (The link opens a new window, so you can easily refer to the map as you read the rest of my answer. ;-)

The largest number of "toddler friendly beaches" are in the Mid-Cape region, in Yarmouth and Dennis especially.

For families with very small children, I always recommend a visit to a Cape Cod Bay beach when the tide it out. That's when lots of sand bars and tidal pools form.

The tide pools are wonderful for kids to splash around and look for little sea creatures like minnows, sand dollars, starfish, clams and hermit crabs.

The water in the tidal pools is warm and shallow - perfect for very young children. And the damp sand is top-notch for building sandcastles!

On Nantucket Sound, the water is a little warmer than on Cape Cod Bay. The waves on the Sound are mild, too.

Personally, I prefer the Cape Cod Bay beaches because I think they're more scenic. Your children probably won't notice that, but for the parents - the beautiful vistas are a plus!

Finally, Cape Cod also has many beautiful kettle ponds where the water is crystal clear. These are excellent for toddlers, too.

If you'd like suggestions for some great beaches for toddlers in a particular town, just let me know!

And please don't miss my All-in-One Guide to Cape Cod Beaches for lots more info.

Best Regards,


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