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Cape Cod Maps
Satellite Views

Looking for an online Cape Cod map? Scroll down the page to the  satellite-view maps I've created for you. 

The first is a big picture view of Cape Cod from space. On the others, I've blue-lined our primary roadways.

The cool thing about these maps is that you can use the zoom (+ and -) buttons to see what's on the ground, and move the map around using the directional arrows.

Go ahead, try it!

A Satellite View of Cape Cod

View Larger Map

Maps of Cape Cod's Primary Travel Routes

There are three main travel routes on Cape Cod.

Depending on which town you're going to, and the type of roadway you prefer to drive, you'll likely be traveling on one or more of these roads while you're here.

Route 6, the "Mid-Cape Highway"

Route 6, also known as the "Mid-Cape Highway", is our primary travel route from Bourne to Provincetown. The Mid-Cape goes pretty much smack down the middle of the Cape, hence the nickname.

View Route 6 in a larger map

This is a limited-access road with two travel lanes in each direction, until you reach Exit 9 in Harwich where it drops to one lane in each direction.

Route 28, Along the Southern Shore

Route 28 begins in Bourne, goes south to Falmouth, then meanders through the towns and villages along the southerly shoreline of Cape Cod, all the way out to Chatham and Orleans.

View Route 28 in a larger map

Route 28 is primarily one lane in each direction, with traffic lights and stop signs here and there, making it one of the more "traffic-y" routes in the summer months and during commuting hours.

Route 6A, "Old Kings Highway"

If you're looking for quaint towns and an incredibly scenic drive, Route 6A (also known as "Old Kings Highway") is a wonderful road to travel.

Route 6A is a two-lane road that follows our Cape Cod Bay (northern) coastline from Sandwich to Orleans.

View Route 6A from Sandwich to Orleans in a larger map

Route 6A meets up with Routes 6 and 28 at the rotary in Orleans, then branches off again in Truro to follow the Bay all the way to Provincetown.

View Route 6A - Outer Cape in a larger map

The Best Cape Cod Street Atlas

Google's satellite-view maps are great tools for exploring Cape Cod from home, from the office, or wherever you happen to have online access and a decent sized screen to see them on. But they're not much use when you're on the road and you can't see details on your itty-bitty mobile device screen.

That's when you'll wish you had this street atlas ...

This is absolutely the best, most detailed map of Cape Cod I've ever found.

Along with street maps of all 15 towns on Cape Cod, this atlas also covers Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and all of Southern New England.

And street maps are just the beginning.

This atlas also shows you how to get to beaches, historic sites, and pretty much every point of interest you can imagine. More about the atlas ...

Happy travels!

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