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"Non-Touristy" Activities
on Cape Cod

Are you looking for non-touristy things to do on Cape Cod? Activities that don't involve crowds or long waiting lines, even during the height of summer?

Here's an inside peek at some of the things we locals do for fun here in our New England seaside paradise ...

Catching Blue Crabs


Maryland is world famous for its Blue Crabs. But did you know that we have lots of these tasty critters in our New England waters, too?

And they're surprisingly easy to catch!

Crabbing is a fun way to stay cool in the summer, with the added bonus of a delicious seafood treat - just waiting to be caught.

Click here to find out when, where and how to catch blue crabs.

Beach Campfires


What could be better than toasting marshmallows over an open fire on a warm summer night?

Toasting marshmallows over an open fire on the beach, of course!

Although campfires aren't allowed at most beaches on the Cape, there are several beaches where you can build your own beach campfire - as long as you have a special fire permit.

If you'd prefer to join in on an organized event, campfires at the beach are one of the most popular activities on Cape Cod National Seashore's summertime agenda.

Click here to see where beach campfires are allowed.

Kite Flying


During much of the year, our prevailing breezes make the Cape prime kite flying territory.

Stunt kite flyers love Nauset Beach, an Atlantic Ocean beach in Orleans, where you can usually count on steady 10-knot breezes. And Kalmus Beach in Hyannis is tops for kite flying and windsurfing, too.

Bring your own kite, or pick up a "cheapie" at a souvenir shop - then claim your own patch of shoreline and go fly a kite! 

Click here to read all about our glorious breezy beaches.

Eerily Fascinating Walks


Does the thought of wandering through old cemeteries make you go: "Eeeeeew! That's too creepy for me."?

What a shame! Because of all the non-touristy activities on Cape Cod, exploring centuries-old cemeteries is one of the most fascinating.

When you see the intricately carved headstones and unique epitaphs created for some of the Cape's original settlers, you'll be amazed. The grave marker in this photo is over 200 years old.

You'll find old cemeteries everywhere you go across the Cape. Stop by and wander for a half hour or so. Respectful visitors are always welcomed.

Note: Are you in tune with the spirit world? If so, why not consider spending a night or more at one of Cape Cod's haunted inns?

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