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Where to Get Clamming Equipment

by Tom
(No. Adams, MA)

Question: Is there a place on Cape Cod that you can rent the equipment to dig your own clams?

Dee's Reply: Hi Tom - Great question! Sorry to say, I can't think of anywhere on the Cape that rents clamming tools.

Here's what you'll need:

  • a clam rake

  • a basket or net bag to hold your clams

  • a gauge for measuring the shell size

If you want to bring clamming gear with you, Amazon.com usually has good deals on clam rakes and clam nets.

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The other option is to buy your shellfishing equipment when you get here.

Local bait and tackle shops usually have clam baskets, nets and rakes in stock at pretty reasonable prices. Some hardware stores do, too.

Measuring gauges are easy to find. In many towns, when you go to pick up your shellfishing license, they'll provide you with a clam ring to measure your catch. If the shell passes through the ring, the clam is too small to keep. It must be promptly and carefully returned to its natural habitat.

Caution: Natural Resources officers do spot-check to be sure that all clammers have a valid permit and they're not taking under-sized shellfish.

Wondering what you'll do with your new clamming tools when you're back home in North Adams?

The sturdy rakes come in handy for digging rocks out of the garden. And the wire baskets make nice little planters! Stick a sheet of landscape fabric inside the basket to hold the soil in, and you're all set. ;-)

Oh, one more thing that's very helpful when you're digging for dinner: rubber-soled water shoes.

I wear mine trusty old water shoes for clamming, crabbing, beachcombing ... any time there's a chance that I might inadvertently step on a sharp piece of shell or a pointy rock. Skin cuts in saltwater - ouch!!

Enjoy your visit to Cape Cod. Happy clamming!

Best Regards,


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