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Cape Cod Fishing Tackle & Bait Shops
Where to Get Bait, Lures & Local Fishing Advice

On a trip to our favorite Cape Cod fishing tackle shops, I'm like a kid in a toy store!

Is it unusual for a woman to be more excited about diamond jigs than diamond rings? Perhaps. But, that's just the way I am ...

In my years as a fishing fanatic, I've found there's no better place to learn where the fish are, what's biting, and what they're hitting, than the local tackle shop.

Riverview Bait & Tackle - South Yarmouth, MA

Whether you're just running in to pick up some sand eels, or you're in the market for a brand new rod and reel, these Cape Cod bait and tackle shops can set you up with whatever you need.

And if you ask real nicely, someone might even clue you in on a secret "hot spot"!

Cape Cod Bait & Tackle Shops

Upper Cape Cod Region Shops

Canal Bait & Tackle
101 Cranberry Highway
(508) 833-2996

Red Top Sporting Goods
265 Main Street
(508) 759-3371

Maco's, Inc.
3253 Cranberry Highway
(508) 759-9836

Mashpee Bait & Tackle
22 Falmouth Rd.
(508) 477-7527

Forestdale Bait & Tackle
48 Rte. 130
(508) 539-8952

Eastman's Sport and Tackle
783 Main St.
(508) 548-6900

Falmouth Bait & Tackle
258 Teaticket Highway
(508) 457-0700

Mid Cape Cod Region Shops

Powder Horn Outfitters
210 Barnstable Road
(508) 775-8975

Sports Port
149 West Main Street
(508) 775-3096

Riverview Bait and Tackle
1273 Route 28
South Yarmouth
(508) 394-1036

Sportsman's Landing
313 Main Street
(508) 398-4125

Lower Cape Cod Region Shops

Fishing the Cape
Harwich Commons
(508) 432-1200
* Focus on fly fishing

Sunrise Bait & Tackle
431 Route 28
(508) 430-4117

Drew's Sport Shop
1137 Main St.
(508) 945-0964

Chatham Bait & Tackle
308 Orleans Rd.
North Chatham
(508) 945-9779

The Hook Up
85 Lowell Road
(508) 240-0778

Bait Shack
4 Bay Ridge Lane
(508) 240-1575

Goose Hummock Shop
15 Route 6A
(508) 255-0455

Outer Cape Cod Region Shops

Blackbeard's Bait & Tackle
50 Brackett Rd.
(508) 240-3369

If you know of, or own, a Cape Cod fishing tackle shop that's missing from this list, please let me know. I'll be happy to add it!

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