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Fast Ferry from Boston to Nantucket

by Carol

Question: Could you tell me if there is a quick ferry from Boston to Nantucket?

Dee's Reply: Hello, Carol - No, I'm sorry to tell you there is no ferry (fast or slow) from Boston to Nantucket.

To make the trip, your options are:

Fly from Boston (BOS) to Nantucket (ACK)

CapeAir airlines has regularly scheduled flights from Boston's Logan International Airport to the island of Nantucket.

Flying is not the least expensive mode of transportation, but it's certainly the fastest. It's about a 45-minute flight.

I just took a quick look, and Priceline is showing current fares at $358 per person, round trip.

Bus or Train to Hyannis & Ferry to Nantucket

There's regularly scheduled bus service from Boston to Cape Cod daily, year round. In season (Memorial Day to Labor Day), there's also a weekend passenger train that runs between Boston and Cape Cod.

If you take the bus or the train into Hyannis, that'll bring you to Hyannis Transportation Center. From there it's only a short walk, cab ride or shuttle ride to Hyannis Harbor where you board the ferries to Nantucket.

Drive to Hyannis & Ferry to the Island

Normally I'd say that it doesn't make much sense to rent a car just to drive to the Cape to catch a ferry.

But, depending on how many people will be traveling with you, it actually might be less expensive to rent a car and drive, rather than pay multiple air, bus or train fares.

I recently saw that Budget Car Rental is offering a deal to save on a one-way rental.

You won't want to pay to have the car sitting idle in a parking lot in Hyannis while you're on the island. So you'd have to do a one-way rental in each direction.

Pick up the car in Boston, and return it when you get to Hyannis. Then do the reverse for your return trip to Boston.

Who knows? A rental car might end up being a cost-effective transportation solution for you. Check with Budget to find out!

Limo or Shuttle to Hyannis & Ferry to Nantucket

The only other option I can think of is hiring a limousine or shuttle service.

One company that seems to have reasonable rates is Cape Car and Limo.

Note: I've never used their services, so I can't vouch for this company personally.

Boston ~ Cape Cod ~ Nantucket Travel Tip

I'll conclude with an important tip that comes from my years of experience traveling to, from, and around Boston, Cape Cod, and the Islands:

Give yourself plenty of time to make your travel connections. And be prepared in case something unexpected causes you to miss a connection!

Airline Delays

What's the most common cause of flight delays going to and from Nantucket? Fog!

Nantucket is nicknamed The Grey Lady. That nickname comes from the island's appearance when it's surrounded by thick, gray fog ... which it often is, especially in the summer months.

Although "Fog Happens" (that's a popular saying on Nantucket!) any time of day, it's most prevalent in the early morning, and from late afternoon into the evening hours.

If you're planning to fly to/from Nantucket, your best bet is to schedule your flights for mid-day, if at all possible. That's when you'll have the least change of fog delays.

High Seas Delays

Fog isn't much of a problem for ferry travel. The ferries are equipped with an array of electronics that allow them cruise through the "pea soup" safely and get to their destination on time.

With the ferries, the issue is rough seas.

It doesn't happen very often, but when the wind is howling and the seas are unusually rough, ferry service between Cape Cod and the islands might be delayed or cancelled.

That's when it's good to have an alternate plan in mind, just on the off-chance you're stuck in Hyannis or on Nantucket for an overnight.

(Not bad places to be "stuck", if you ask me!!)

I hope this information is helpful for you. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask!

Best Regards,


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Boston to Hyannis
by: Mike

I've actually ferried to P'Town, then biked the CC Rail Trail to Hyannis and caught the ferry to ACK.

Is there a better way to travel from Boston to Nantucket on a beautiful summer day? I think not...

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