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Nantucket Ferry Services
Which One to Choose?

Ferries make the crossing between Cape Cod and the nearby island of Nantucket year round.

Some ferries carry people, autos, and pets. Others are for passengers and their pets only.

Which ferry is best for your trip to Nantucket? This page will help you decide!

High-speed ferry cruising across the waterMV Iyannough High-Speed Ferry from Hyannis to Nantucket Island

Cape Cod to Nantucket Ferries

Three ferry companies serve the Cape Cod-Nantucket route:

  • Hy-Line Cruises - fast ferry, year round service

  • Steamship Authority - fast ferry and traditional-style ferry, service in-season and off-season

  • Freedom Cruise Lines - fast ferry, in-season service only
Hy-Line's Fast Ferry Leaving from Hyannis

The Ferry Ports

You'll have two ports on Cape Cod to choose from:

  • Hyannis Harbor in downtown Hyannis (year round); and

  • Saquatucket Harbor in Harwich Port (seasonal).

Let's explore the options ...

Hyannis - Nantucket Ferries

Trips Per Day:  If you leave from Hyannis, you'll have lots of departure and return times to choose from.

  • In-season, Hy-Line makes 9 daily round trips, and Steamship Authority makes 11 in total (5 on their fast ferry and 6 on their traditional ferry).

  • Off-season, Hy-Line has 5 trips per day, and Steamship Authority has 7 trips (4 on their ferry trips and 3 on the traditional) 

Vehicle Transport: Steamship Authority's traditional ferry from Hyannis is the only option for transporting a vehicle to Nantucket.

Reservations are a must. Reserve your spot as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment!

Passenger Fares: For the cheapest passenger fares to Nantucket, Steamship Authority is the winner.

Tickets on their traditional ferry cost about half of what you'd pay to take a fast ferry.

Traffic & Parking: Hyannis traffic can be a bit of a pain at times, especially in the summer months.

If you opt to leave from Hyannis, be sure to give yourself plenty of extra time to get into town, parking your car, and make your way to the pier.

More About Nantucket Ferries From Hyannis ...

HyLine Cruise Lines
Ocean Street Docks
Hyannis, MA
(800) 492-8082

Route: Hyannis to Nantucket Harbor

Season: High-speed ferry sails year round. 

Auto Transport: No

Crossing Time: About 1 hour, pier to pier.

Schedule: During peak season, the high-speed ferry sails nine times a day, early morning to mid-evening.   

Round Trip Fares: $81 adult; $52 kids age 5-12; free for kids 4 and under.

Parking: HyLine has its own lots near the pier on Ocean Street, and there are plenty of private lots in walking distance from the pier. Or park in the Hyannis Transportation Center lot on Transportation Avenue, then walk or take a trolley (seasonal) to the pier.

See HyLine's website for current schedules, fares, discounts, and more.

Steamship Authority
South Street Pier
Hyannis, MA
(508) 495-3278

Route: Hyannis to Nantucket Harbor

Season: Year-round service on the traditional ferry. High-speed ferry is seasonal, from mid-April to mid-October

Auto Transport: Yes, on the traditional ferry only.

Crossing Time: High-speed: about 1 hour. Traditional: about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Schedule: Multiple sailings daily from early morning to mid-evening.

Round Trip Fares: High speed ferry - $75 adult; $38 kids age 5-12; kids under 5 Free. Traditional ferry - $39 adult; $20 kids age 5-12; kids under 5 Free. Additional charge to bring bicycle, surfboard, etc. aboard. Vehicle transport fares vary by size of vehicle.

Parking: Steamship Authority has a number of off-site lots with free shuttle service to their piers. Or park at the Hyannis Transportation Center and walk or take the trolley (seasonal) from Main Street to the Steamship Authority docks.

See Steamship Authority's website for current schedules, fares, discounts, and more.

Harwich Port - Nantucket Ferry

Freedom Cruise Line's fast ferry from Harwich is seasonal only and offers a limited number of daily crossings:

  • Three round trips per day from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend; and

  • One round trip per day during spring and fall "shoulder seasons" (late May to mid-June, and early September to mid-October).

Why opt to leave from Harwich Port instead of Hyannis?

Three reasons:

  1. Less traffic to deal with in and around Harwich.

  2. Parking is available near the pier - no long walks or shuttle rides required. 

  3. Parking is free for day-trippers. 

More About the Harwich - Nantucket Ferry ...

Freedom Cruise Line
702 Route 28
Harwich Port, MA
(508) 432-8999

Route: Saquatucket Harbor to Nantucket Harbor

Season: Late May to mid-October

Auto Transport: No

Crossing Time: About 80 minutes, pier to pier

Round Trip Fares: $80 adults; $55 kids ages 2-10; $12 kids under age 2. Additional charge to bring bicycle, surfboard, etc. onboard.

Parking: On-site parking. Free for same-day departure/returns. Overnight parking $25.

Visit Freedom Cruise Line's website for up-to-date schedules, fares, discount offers, and more.

"Around the Sound" Ferry

Want to visit both Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard in one day?

HyLine Cruises has a seasonal ferry service that'll take you to both islands in the same day.

Leaving from Hyannis Harbor early in the morning and returning to Hyannis late evening, this cruise will give you 5 hours on  Martha's Vineyard and 5 hours on Nantucket.

An "Around the Sound" excursion is just enough to give you a taste of each island. It's a very full day trip, to be sure!

*Note: Nantucket ferry schedules and fares may change from time to time without my knowledge. Please be sure to verify all information directly with the ferry company before making any plans.

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