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Cape Cod by Bus
from Logan Airport & T.F. Green Airport

Updated: August 20, 2022

Wondering which Cape Cod bus lines will bring you here from Logan International Airport in Boston and T.F. Green International in Providence, RI?

Read on to see your options!

Dark blue passenger bus with yellow and white lettering: "Plymouth & Brockton Airport Express", parked at Hyannis Transportation Center terminalP&B Airport Express Bus

Buses from Logan International Airport to Cape Cod

Two bus companies offer scheduled, daily service between Logan Airport and Cape Cod:

  • Plymouth & Brockton (a/k/a "P&B"); and

  • Peter Pan.

They'll pick you up right outside your arrival terminal's baggage claim area.

Just step outside and find the overhead sign for your bus company's designated pick-up spot.

Red and black overhead sign with white lettering indicating where to wait for pick up by various bus linesBus Waiting Area at Logan International Airport

Plymouth & Brockton ("P&B")

P&B buses make a lot of trips between Logan Airport and Cape Cod every day of the week, year round. 

They start early in the morning and continue through mid- to late evening.

Stops on Cape Cod:  

  • Sagamore Park & Ride (on the "mainland" side of the Cape Cod Canal);

  • Barnstable Park & Ride (at exit 68 off Route 6);

  • Hyannis Transportation Center (1 Transportation Ave. in  downtown Hyannis);

  • Falmouth Station (59 Depot Street in Falmouth); and

  • Woods Hole Terminal (1 Cowdry Road in Woods Hole).

Peter Pan Buses

Peter Pan buses make fewer trips between Logan International Airport and Cape Cod than P&B's buses do. But they're still a good option if their schedule meshes with yours.

Green and white passenger bus with white lettering: "Peter Pan"Peter Pan Bus at Falmouth Depot

Stops on Cape Cod:

  • Sagamore
  • Buzzards Bay
  • Bourne
  • Barnstable
  • Cape Cod Gateway Airport in Hyannis
  • Hyannis Transportation Center
  • Falmouth
  • Woods Hole

Buses from T.F. Green International Airport to Cape Cod

P&B Buses

P&B buses leave from Green, going to the Cape, in mid-morning and late after noon.

It's usually about a 90-minute ride from the airport to the first stop on Cape Cod. Add 20-30 minutes if you're going all the way to the last stop in Hyannis or Woods Hole.

Stops on Cape Cod:

  • Sagamore Park & Ride Lot
  • Barnstable Park & Ride Lot
  • Hyannis Transportation Center
  • Falmouth Station
  • Woods Hole Terminal

Bus Schedules, Fares & Passenger Info

Here's the info you'll need to plan your bus trip from Logan or Green to Cape Cod:

Bus Connections to Other Cape Cod Towns

As you've probably noticed, buses coming from Logan and Green airports only offer a handful of stops on the Cape.

What if you want to go to a different Cape Cod town?

That's where Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority steps in!

Cape Cod RTA Buses

Cape Cod RTA buses travel all over the Cape, starting from their "hub" at Hyannis Transportation Center (1 Transportation Avenue).

Take your preferred bus from Logan or Green to Hyannis Transportation Center. Then take a Cape Cod RTA bus to any other town on Cape Cod. 

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