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Where is Cape Cod? 

If you're wondering: "Where Is Cape Cod?", you're not alone. Even some "New Englanders" aren't quite sure! 

To quickly see where Cape Cod is located, have a look at this map of the northestern part of the United States...

(I've given the big view map, for the convenience of anyone who's not familiar with the New England area.)

See where it says "Massachusetts"? Give that area on the map a few clicks.

Now, see the "arm" of land sticking out into the ocean, in the lower right corner of Massachusetts?

That's Cape Cod!

The more you click on that little arm, the more detailed map of Cape Cod you'll be able to see ... so click to your heart's content!

Is Cape Cod a State or a City?

Every now and then someone asks me: "What is Cape Cod? Is it a state? A city? A town? An island all its own?"

Here are the basics:

  • Cape Cod is an area within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, about 50 miles south of Boston.

  • "The Cape" is a part of Massachusetts, even though we're physically disconnected from the rest of the state by the Cape Cod Canal, which cuts through the land mass east-west from Cape Cod Bay to Buzzards Bay.

  • Before the Cape Cod Canal was built in the 1900s, the Cape was a peninsula, surrounded by water on 3 sides.

  • Now, it's technically an island ... surrounded by water on all sides.

How Far Away is Cape Cod?

Wondering how far you are from Cape Cod right now, or how long it'll take you to drive here?

Here's a link to my driving mileage calculator. Give it a try. 

Who knows? Your Cape Cod vacation might be closer than you imagined!

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