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Driving Mileage Calculator
Travel Time, Distance & Directions

Here's an easy-to-use driving mileage calculator that'll let you know:

  • How far you are from Cape Cod (or any other destination)

  • How long it'll take you to get there

  • And give you a map and turn-by-turn driving directions, too.

Road Trip Planner

To find your driving distance, drive time and directions to Cape Cod:

  1. Type your starting address in the "FROM" box.

  2. Enter the name of any Cape Cod town (for example: Falmouth, MA) in the "TO" box.

  3. Then click on "GO".

Not quite sure which town you'll be staying in?

  1. Enter "Bourne, MA" in the "TO" box. That'll show you approximately how far you are from the very beginning of Cape Cod, and give you an idea of how long it'll take you to get to the bridges

  2. or

  3. Pick your Cape Cod town first. Then come back to the driving distance calculator for your estimated drive time, miles and detailed driving directions.


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