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Tent Camping on Cape Cod Beaches

Question: Is there a beach I can camp on with a tent and a bon fire?

Dee's Reply: Hi! Sorry to say, tent camping is not allowed on Cape Cod beaches.

And bonfires are only allowed on a limited number of beaches, with a special permit. (The good news is - the permit is free!)

The only option for beach camping is in a properly equipped, inspected and permitted self-contained vehicle.

However ... if you'd like to tent camp and have a beach bonfire while you're here, I do have an idea.

Why not consider staying at one of the campgrounds on Cape Cod that's near a beach that allows private beach campfires?

One that I can think of is North of Highland Camping Area in Truro, on the Cape Cod National Seashore.

North of Highland specializes in tent camping, and it's less than a half mile from Head of the Meadow Beach - a fantastic Atlantic Ocean beach where private bonfires are allowed.

So, although you'd have to walk a short distance from your tent to the beach to build your campfire ... it's not a bad option, IMHO!

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P.S. I just thought of another option: Sandy Neck Beach Park, a sprawling nature reserve on Cape Cod Bay in the towns of Sandwich and Barnstable.

Beach bonfires are allowed at Sandy Neck, too. But Sandy Neck's tent camping area is set back from the beach, and it's very remote, very rustic, and only accessible by hiking a few miles from the parking lot, carrying all your stuff. Not sure if you're up for that??

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