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Handicap Accessible Cape Cod Whale Watching

by Nan
(Newton, MA)

Question: Can a handicap person be able to do “Cape Cod Whale Watching”?

Dee's Reply: Hi, Nan - That's a great question! I contacted each of the Cape Cod whale watch cruise companies to ask about accessibility. Here's what I found out:

  • Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown
    307 Commercial Street #1
    (800) 826-9300

    Manual wheelchairs can be brought onto the boat. However, the rest rooms are not wheelchair accessible.

  • Provincetown Whale Watches
    Fisherman's Pier
    (800) 225-4000

    This cruise can also accommodate manual wheelchairs. The rest rooms are down a flight of stairs, so they wouldn't be accessible.

  • Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises
    269 Millway
    (800) 287-0374

    Manual wheelchairs can be brought aboard ... and handicap accessible rest rooms are available.

Because each person's situation and needs are different, I'd urge you to contact the cruise companies directly to ask specifically about their boat's layout, services, and ability to accommodate passengers with limited mobility.

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