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Ferries from West Yarmouth to Nantucket

by Patricia
(Bradenton, Fla)

Question: Can you ferry to Nantucket from West Yarmouth? Where is the dock and which ferry do you take to get to Nantucket?

Dee's Reply: Hi Patricia - No, there's no ferry service from West Yarmouth and Nantucket.

Not to worry, though. If you'll be staying in West Yarmouth, the island ferries are only a few miles drive from there.

In season (early June to late September), there are two choices of ports for Nantucket ferries: Hyannis and Harwichport.

Off-season (October through May) there's only one option: Hyannis.

From West Yarmouth, it's a shorter drive to Hyannis - it's right next door. Plus, there are more daily departures from Hyannis than from Harwichport.

That said, Harwichport isn't all that far from West Yarmouth. It's about a 10 mile drive.

The primary benefits of taking the ferry from Harwichport are:

  • parking is free for day-trippers; and

  • the ferry company often posts special fare discounts on their website.
So it might be worth a little extra drive time to save some money on your trip to Nantucket.

Here's more about the Nantucket ferries ...

I hope this info is helpful. Enjoy your trip to the island!

Best Regards,


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