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by Donna

Question: Can you tell me a spot to dig steamer clams in Barnstable? Thank you!

Dee's Reply: Hi Donna - There are lots of places in the town of Barnstable to dig your own clams. However, due to conservation measures, water quality, seeding of clam beds, etc., not all locations are open for shellfishing all the time.

Here's a link to the Town of Barnstable's Department of Natural Resources page that shows a maps of the open and closed areas:

Barnstable DNR - Open and Closed Shellfishing Area Maps

I believe those maps are still current. But you know how it is with governmental websites. Sometimes they're not kept as up-to-date as we'd like them to be.

So before you go out clamming, I'd recommend that you call Barnstable DNR (508-790-6272) or stop their office (1189 Phinney's Lane in Centerville) to verify the most current closure information.

Hope this info helps. Happy clamming!!

Best Regards,


P.S. Just a friendly reminder to carry your recreational shellfishing permit and a photo ID with you when you go digging for dinner. If the shellfish warden asks, you want to be able to prove you're "legal"!

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