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Blue Crab Fishing

by Brian Lombardo
(Truro, MA, US)

Question: Where is the best place to go blue crabbing?

Dee's Reply: Hi Brian - I see that you're writing in from Truro. As far as I know, blue crabs are pretty sparse on the Outer Cape.

I've never heard of anywhere in Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro or Provincetown where you can reliably find blue claw crabs. Mostly, the blue claws are found in the rivers, bays and inlets on south (Nantucket Sound and Vineyard Sound) side of the Cape.

If you're willing to travel to find your blue crab bounty, then you might want to try crabbing by the bridge on Bridge Street in Chatham. Generally, there's also good crabbing around the Herring River pedestrian bridge in Harwich and the Swan River Bridge in Dennis.

Have you checked out my crabbing pages? I give a few other good places there.

Hope this helps. Happy crabbing!

Best Regards,


P.S. You might want to stop by one of the bait and tackle shops in your area and ask about blue crabbing on the Outer Cape. Perhaps someone there will know a spot that I'm not aware of ...

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Pamet Blue Crabs
by: Chris

There are blue crabs in the saltmarsh off of Pamet Harbor - there are old railroad tracks in the back on the Fisher beach side - you will want to be back there - and there are some deep pools - go when the tide is headed out - don't let the fiddler crabs distract you. You will Need a kayak or maybe a long walk in along great hill road from the fisher beach lot - up and over the hill, way in the back.

Never tried the corn hill side, but the marsh is very different on the two sides. I bet up the river you can find them too.

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