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Best Time and Towns for Clamming on Cape Cod

by Joanne
(Ravena, NY)

Digging Clams

Digging Clams

Question: What are the best months to clam and which towns are recommended?

Dee's Reply: Hi Joanne - July and August are peak clamming time on Cape Cod. That's when the water temps are comfortable enough to stand knees-deep (or deeper) for an hour or two of digging.

If you're not adverse to chilly water, then you might be okay with spring or fall clam digging. But I'm a warm-water girl. For me, it's not worth the effort to don a wetsuit or waders just to dig a bucket of clams!

As far as where to do your digging, I'd say Eastham is one of the best clamming towns on the Cape - especially for first-time diggers.

Eastham has a good amount of shoreline that's regularly open for clamming. And the fee for a visitor's shellfishing permit in Eastham is very reasonable.

If you'd prefer to do your digging in a town that's more centrally located on the Cape, Harwich also has good clamming spots and their permit fees for non-residents are quite reasonable, too.

You'll find more about the best times and towns for clamming - plus lots more must-know info - in my Complete Guide to Clam Digging on Cape Cod".

Happy clamming!

Best Regards,


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