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Barnstable Shellfishing Permit for a Non-Resident

by John
(Baltimore, MD)

Question: Hi. I would like to know if I can get a non-resident shellfishing permit in the town of Barnstable. I am not a resident of Massachussetts, however my in-laws are residents in Barnstable. Is it possible for me to get a permit?

Dee's Reply: Hi John - In the town of Barnstable, non-resident recreational permits are only available to citizens who reside and are domiciled in Massachusetts. As a Maryland resident, you wouldn't be entitled to your own permit. But ...

Your in-laws live in Barnstable, so there's another way to go at this. Your in-laws could buy a resident shellfishing permit, and they could take you as their guest.

(FYI: This is actually a much better option, cost-wise. A resident permit is a heck of a lot cheaper than a non-resident permit!)

Here's the rule on guests:

"A recreational permit holder may take guests to dig with them as long as only one weekly limit is taken. One limit per permit is allowed. The permit holder must be present and is responsible for any violations against the shellfish rules and regulations by the guest(s)."

Town of Barnstable MA Shellfishing Regulations

A family clam digging adventure. What a cool "bonding experience" for you and your mom- or dad-in-law! ;-)

Have fun, and enjoy your bounty from the sea ...

Best Regards,


P.S. If you'd rather go digging on your own, other towns do issue permits to out-of-staters.

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