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Where Did We Stay?

by Laurie Boody
(Exeter, NH )

Question: My husband & I stayed on the water in a cozy little place in 2001 on a short 3 day stay honeymoon.

It was not a huge place. Boats were moored in front, the Kennedy Compound was minutes away, and we went to Provincetown in about 1/2 hour.

I cannot remember the name and want to return. Can you help? Thanks.

Dee's Reply: Hi Laurie - Hmmmm ... this is a tough one. From your description that the Kennedy Compound was nearby and there were boats in front of the hotel/motel, I'm going to take a wild guess that you stayed in Hyannis at the Anchor In.

Provincetown is more than a half-hour drive from there. But if you were here in light-traffic season (October to May), it's certainly possible that you made it from Hyannis to P'town in an hour or less.

Anchor In is the only "cozy little place" I can think of that's on the water and would have boats in front. It sits up on a hill that overlooks Hyannis inner harbor. Lots of boats dock right there in front of the Anchor In. Also, it's only a couple miles away from the Kennedy Compound.

Here's a link to lots of photos of Anchor In. The inn has been renovated over the years, so the interior might not look quite the same as you remember. But maybe one or two of the photos will jog your memory.

Another possibility - although less likely because it's farther away from the Compound - is that you stayed at the Red Rose Inn in West Yarmouth.

The Red Rose was a small inn on the beach at Englewood Harbor. I'm using the past tense because the Red Rose caught fire one blustery January night a few years back, and it burned to the ground. Privately owned condos have taken its place.

If it wasn't Anchor In or Red Rose Inn, I'm kinda lost for other ideas. Can you recall anything else about the place or its surroundings? If so, let me know (post a new comment below or drop me a private message), and I'll try again!

Best Regards,


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