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Traffic Early Sunday Morning

by Kathy

Question: I wondered how the traffic is to leave the Cape around 7:00 a.m Sunday morning? My sister says it's bad, but I have a hard time believing that. Thank you!

Dee's Reply: Hi Kathy - If you're going to be leaving Cape Cod this coming Sunday morning, I think it's safe to say the earlier you leave, the better off you'll be.

Generally speaking, traffic going off-Cape doesn't usually get to the really ugly stage until late morning on a summer Sunday. A mile or two back-up at the bridges isn't unusual at 7-8 a.m. By 10 a.m. traffic volume picks up significantly. And by 11 o'clock or noon ... well, good luck!

This weekend is Independence Day weekend, so that means even more traffic than a "normal" summer Sunday.

Adding to the mix is the fact that July 4th is on Saturday this year. Many people are taking tomorrow (Friday) off for a long weekend, and they'll have to be back home for work on Monday morning. I expect a good number of them will pack up and get on the road pretty early on Sunday in effort to beat the rush.

How bad will it be going off-Cape at 7 a.m.? That's anyone's guess. Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised. But I wouldn't count on it!

Traffic issues aside, have a great time on the Cape!!

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P.S. These local traffic reports come in very handy!

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