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Seeing The Cape By Bike

by Deborah Bradley
(Boston, MA, USA)

One of the absolute highlights of our recent trip to Cape Cod was our family bike ride.

My husband used to be a pretty serious biker, but I hadn't been on a bike in years so I was kind of nervous.

We had our two-year old with us and she was super-excited to be pulled along in the "buggy" attached to the back of Ben's bike.

Good news was that I didn't fall once. I did manage to get a stick stuck in the bike rendering it un-rideable, but, lucky for me, my expert bikey husband knew exactly what to do to get it out and realign the bike correctly - whew!

Siena had the most fabulous time and, despite the excellent protective covering on the buggy, came home with an impressively dirt-covered face so she looked like she'd been working just as hard as we had. She slept well that night too :).

The guy we rented the bikes from was super-friendly and helpful. He gave us a map and suggestions of where to go given our time frame. His business is called Mike's Bike Trail Rentals and it's based in Orleans.

Definitely worth the time and money (which was extremely reasonable anyway)!

Dee's Reply:

Hi Deborah -

Thanks so much for sharing your story about biking on Cape Cod.

What a great photo with your little girl in the bike tag-a-long!

I'm sure Siena loved seeing the sights from her own private little buggy. And I'll bet Ben was happy to find the Cape Cod Bike Trail so easy to pedal with her in tow!

Come back and visit again soon.


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