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Replacing a Lost Senior Beach Pass

by Tim
(Albany, NY)

Question: I have lost my senior beach pass. Can I get another one by showing my ID upon entering the beach?

Dee's Reply: Hi Tim - By "senior beach pass", are you referring to your National Parks pass - the one that gives seniors free entry and parking at Cape Cod National Seashore beaches?

If that's the pass you've lost, I'm sorry to say you'll have to start all over to replace it - including showing proof of your age and legal residency, and paying the current fee.

(Note: Replacements are available for damaged passes, as long as a portion of the original pass is still identifiable and you show your ID. If the pass is lost or stolen, the only way to replace it is to buy a new one.)

You can buy a new pass here on the Cape at Salt Pond Visitors Center in Eastham (year round), and at Provincelands Visitors Center in Provincetown (in season only).

They're also available by mail and online, as well as at many federal recreation areas across the USA.

More about National Parks Senior Passes ...

I do hope you find your original pass! Have you checked between the seats in your car? That's where a lot of my missing items turn up. ;-)

Best Regards,


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