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Logan to Boston to Wellfleet to Logan

by Robin Watson
(Yakima WA)

Question: Four girlfriends landing at Logan on 5/9 at 5:10p.m. need to get to downtown Boston for one or two days. Then we need to get from Boston to Wellfleet until 5/15, when we need to get all the way back to Logan.

I'm so confused looking at the various transportation sites and schedule grids.

We will have a car once we get to the house we're using in Wellfleet, but it stays with the house.

Really hope you can help, and will so appreciate any guidance.


Dee's Reply:

Hi Robin -

Travel from Boston to Wellfleet can be a little confusing, so I'll do my best to help you sort it all out!

First, let me give you some insights into transportation from Logan Airport to downtown Boston.

Logan Airport to Downtown Boston

When you arrive at Logan Airport, you'll have lots of choices for transportation to take you into the city. Which one you'll want to use depends in large part upon: 1. where you're going to be staying in the city; 2. how comfortable you are using public transportation in an unfamiliar city; and 3. your budget.

Personally, I'm a little skittish taking public transportation in a city that I don't know very well. So I almost always opt for taking a taxi. Yes, cabs cost a more than buses, subways, etc. Especially in Boston. But I'm willing to spend the extra money for the security of knowing that I'll get where I want to go, without having to worry about details like: "Which subway stop should I get off?", or "Do I have to transfer buses along the way?", or "How am I going to lug heavy suitcases on and off the bus/subway?"

Cab fare from Logan into the city will probably be somewhere in the range of about $30-$40 or more, plus tip. More or less, depending on where you're staying in Boston.

If you don't mind using public transportation, "The T" (Boston's subway system) is probably your most cost-effective way to get from the airport into the city. I think the fare is around $2 per ride. You can find a ton of info, maps, schedules, etc. for the "T" and lots of other ground transportation options to/from Logan Airport at the MBTA website.

All that being said, my best suggestion is to call your hotel, speak with the concierge, and ask what he/she recommends for transportation from the airport to the hotel.

Some Boston hotels do have airport shuttle service. Even though it's not free, the hotel shuttles usually end up costing less than a cab for door-to-door service.

And even if your hotel doesn't offer a shuttle service, the concierge or front desk person is probably a "local" who knows a whole lot more than I do about getting around in the big city. Can't hurt to ask!

Boston to Wellfleet and Back

Now, on to the Boston to Wellfleet and back to Boston leg of your trip ...

By Bus

Since you'll have a car at your disposal once you arrive in Wellfleet, it probably makes sense for you and your friends to take the bus from Boston to the Cape. A Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway (fondly known as "P&B", for short) bus will bring you from Boston to Hyannis, and from there your can get a bus on to Wellfleet.

P&B is currently advertising adult fares of $49 per person round trip from Park Square or South Station in Boston to Wellfleet, and $59 per person round trip from Logan Airport to Wellfleet.

BTW: If you're going to take the bus, be sure to coordinate your Boston-Hyannis and Hyannis-Wellfleet bus schedules to be sure you can make the connections in Hyannis. If you call P&B, they'll help you with that. (Phone number for P&B is 508-746-0378.)

By Air

Finally, there's also the option of flying from Boston to Provincetown. In earl-mid May, it's only about a 15 minute drive from Wellfleet to Provincetown, so perhaps the person who's meeting you at the house in Wellfleet can pick you up at the airport. Or you could take a cab from Provincetown to Wellfleet. (Cape Cab phone (508) 487-2222.)

As you might expect, however, flying from Boston to Cape Cod isn't the least expensive option, by any means. You're looking at a little over $200 per person in airfare, round trip from Boston to Provincetown.

However, if you think of the flight as both transportation and an aerial tour of the Massachusetts coast - it's really worth it. The view of Cape Cod from the air is absolutely spectacular!

I'm not sure whether you've seen our Boston to Cape Cod travel page. If not, you might want to check it out for more info on all the different ways to get here.

I hope this helps. If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Best Regards,


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Limousine Service Boston to Cape Cod
by: Anonymous

I'd try Car and Driver. We've used them before and they're great.

Dee's Note:

Thanks to the kind Anonymous reader for this suggestion!

I've never heard of a company named "Car and Driver" on the Cape, and I couldn't verify the business name and telephone number.

However, the idea of using a limo service is a great one! (Sorry I didn't think to mention it in my earlier reply.)

There are a number of limo services that provide transportation between Boston and Cape Cod. One that comes to mind is Limousine Services of Cape Cod.

I've never used the company, so I can't vouch for them personally. But you might want to give them a call and check them out. Their phone number is (508) 896-4445 and their website is www.limousinecapecod.com

logan to boston
by: Anonymous

The T from Logan into Boston is free.

Also check out the high speed ferry to P-town if your friends in Wellfleet can pick you up. Definitely the easiest way to travel.

True information is shared
by: Charles A. Randall

Just what I was looking for and I am looking forward to reading your other posts soon!

Bos- Wellfleet
by: Anonymous

Ferry from Boston Harbor to PTown then Cape Cab to Wellfleet is another option in season. If it's windy, the large empty popcorn containers they hand out are for a purpose.

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