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Hotels in Cape Cod
Tips for Getting the Best Rates

It's actually quite easy to find budget-friendly Cape Cod hotels, motels, and resorts. We have lots of them here!

The challenge often comes when you start looking for the lowest room rates for your preferred Cape Cod accommodations.

Here are my step-by-step tips and tricks for finding the perfect Cape Cod MA lodging for you, at the lowest possible cost:

Step #1 - Getting Started

To get a sense of what's available in your budget range, go ahead and do a quick check for your vacation dates ... 

Step #2 - Choose a Few Hotels

Have a closer look at a few of the lodgings that catch your eye. Peruse the photos, traveler reviews, hotel amenities, and the average room rate.

When you've found a hotel, motel, or resort that looks like just what you want, it's time to ...

Step #3 - Find the Best Room Rates

Check various offers and specials on your chosen lodgings. Sometimes one booking company offers a lower rate or a special deal that the other companies don't have. So be sure to click on each company's tabs.

It's that in-depth "digging" where you'll often discover that there's a bigger or better room available for the same price as a standard room - or maybe even a lower price.

Step #4 - Making Sure You've Found the Best Deal

Many hotels in Cape Cod are locally owned and operated. That's a good thing, because local management often has more flexibility to negotiate on room rates, discounts, upgrades, etc.

So it's always a good idea to pick up the telephone, dial the hotel's local number, and ask (very tactfully, of course!) for an even better deal than you found online.

If you're able to negotiate a better rate over the phone, wonderful! If not, then go for the online deal.

Either way, you'll know you've done everything possible to get the best deal available for your vacation lodging.

Step #5 - Before You Reserve Your Hotel Room ...

Are you ready to make your reservation? Not yet!

There's one more thing that you absolutely, positively must do.

Find out about the hotel's cancellation policy!

Hotels in Cape Cod do enforce their cancellation policies. Before you reserve your room, learn exactly what the cancellation policy is - and be prepared to meet it.

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