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Horse Riding on Cape Cod

by Eva
(Tübingen, Germany)

Question: Dear Dee, Where is good place to go horse riding - where they take good care of their horses and the riders - on Cape Cod, preferably Western Riding?

Many regards,


Dee's Reply: Hello, Eva - Horseback riding is a wonderful way to enjoy our beautiful Cape Cod scenery!

I know of several stables that offer guided trail rides: Esperanza Riding Company and Ridge Valley Stables.

Both farms receive very good reviews from their customers, and I believe both use western saddles on their trail horses.


UPDATE: April 2019

Esperanza Riding Company is no longer offering horseback trail riding here on the Cape.


Ridge Valley Stables isn't a Cape Cod-based farm. Instead, they'll bring their horses to the Cape and meet you at Sandy Neck in Sandwich.

Ridge Valley offers full-day rides on the trails and along the beach at Sandy Neck - a beautiful beach on Cape Cod Bay. Cost of the rides varies from $300 per person for a group ride (2-person minimum) to $600 for a solo guided ride.

Click here for more about Ridge Valley Stables.

I hope this information is helpful for you! Enjoy your ride!!

Best Regards,


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Thank you very much!
by: Eva

Dear Dee,

Thank you so much for your reply! My daughter Amelie was so happy when we just had a look at the websites. She also started horseback riding when she was 5 years old (and is now 13 years old ).
We will probably be staying in a Flat near Truro, do you think that this will be too far to go horse riding in Sandwich? I also found accommodation in Sandwich but since I want to go to Cape Cod for whalewhatching I thought it would be better to stay a bit closer to Provincetown ;-)

Many regards from Germany,
Happy Easter,



Dee's Reply:

You're welcome, Eva!

Is Truro too far away to go riding in Sandwich? That's a difficult question to answer because everyone's definition of "too far" is different. ;-)

In the off-season with light traffic conditions, it's approximately a one-hour drive from Truro to Sandwich. During the summer months, the drive time could be 90 minutes or more.

Did you know there's also a whale watching cruise that leaves from Barnstable Harbor?

Sandwich and Barnstable are adjacent towns. So if you decided to stay in Sandwich, you'd be near the horseback riding and a whalewatching cruise.

Happy Easter to you, too!

Best Regards,


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