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Horseback Riding on Cape Cod
Guided Trail & Beach Rides

Is horseback riding on your Cape Cod vacation wish list?

Whether you're an experienced rider or a first-timer in the saddle, guided horseback rides are a fun and unique way to explore parts of the Cape that few visitors get to see!

View from the back of a horse on a group ride along a trail lined with green foliageGuided Trail Riding on Cape Cod Conservation Lands

Where to Find Guided Horseback Rides on Cape Cod

You might be surprised to learn that there are only two options for guided horseback riding on Cape Cod:

  • Meeting House Farm & Sanctuary for trail rides; and

  • Ridge Valley Stables for rides on the beach.

Sorry to say, there appears to be some out-of-date information floating around on the web. :(

Emerald Hollow Farm in Brewster, Haland Stable in Falmouth, CJ's Ranch in West Barnstable, and Woodsong Farm in Brewster do not offer guided horseback rides for the general public anymore.

Guided Trail Riding at Meeting House Farm

Wooden sign showing a horse with long, flowing mane and the words "Meeting House Farm"

Meeting House Farm is a small, family-owned and operated horse farm and animal sanctuary in East Sandwich, MA.

Samantha (the owner, a/k/a "Sam") and her staff welcome their guests like old friends. And they go out of their way to assure that everyone who comes to the farm has a fun, relaxing ride.

Lady riding a chestnut-colored horse and man riding a palomino horse, in a wooded settingNewbies on Horseback
Mack & Nicole

About the Rides

Meeting House Farm caters to riders of all ages and experience levels with:

  • 1 hour trail rides for beginners, ages 14 and up;

  • 1.5 hour trail rides for intermediate and advanced-level riders, ages 14 and up; and

  • special family farm rides for families with younger children.
Little girl sitting on a cute, black and white pony.My niece, Amelia, ready to ride the "pony trail" on her 5th birthday.
(Love the pony's unicorn party hat!)

You'll be paired with a horse that's just right for your experience level.

And you'll ride in a Western saddle - comfy and secure!

Rider on a dark brown horse with black mane and tail; tall trees and summer foliage in the background

Your guide will lead the way along lovely Cape Cod conservation trails at a leisurely pace.

No galloping involved. ;-) 

This is easy riding at its best!

View from a rider's perspective while   horseback riding along a lush forest trail; brown horse with black maneRiding a Shaded Conservation Trail
(A Great Way to Beat the Summer Heat!)

Guided trail rides are available year round.  

And yes, that includes the winter months, too ...

Winter scene after a heavy snowfall on Cape Cod, riders on horseback in a snow-covered woodlandOn Horseback in a Cape Cod Winter Wonderland

Meeting House Farm offers trail rides by appointment only.

To assure that her horses aren't over-worked, Sam only schedules a limited number of guided rides each week.

So be sure to reserve your time as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment!

For more information about the guided trail rides, kids  pony rides, and other family activities at the farm:

Woman wearing chilly-weather clothing and a western hat, riding a handsome palomino horse; bare trees and fallen leaves along the trail"Whiskey" & Me on a Late-Autumn Ride at Meeting House Farm


Guided Horseback Beach Rides

No Cape Cod-based horse farms offer guided beach rides. But ...

Ridge Valley Stables, a family-owned and operated equestrian center based in Central Massachusetts, fills that void nicely.

They bring their horses here!

Two horses, one brown and one light gray, standing next to a horse trailer in the parking lot at Sandy NeckRidge Valley's horses, "Romeo" & "Silver", are treated to a little hay when they arrive on Cape Cod

A beach ride has been on my "must-do" list for quite a while.  So this spring (2023), I contacted Ridge Valley and treated myself to an afternoon in the saddle on our beautiful Cape Cod Bay shoreline. :-)

That's me (wearing my favorite riding helmet), riding a handsome, dark brown horse on the beach on a sunny spring day"Romeo" & Me on the Beach

About the Ride

I met my trail guide, Becky, and our mounts at Sandy Neck in West Barnstable. 

After brushing the horses, saddling up, signing my liability waiver (required) and strapping on my riding helmet (also required), Becky and I headed out for our ride.

And what a spectacular ride it was!

sandy-neck-access-trail.jpgWe rode the access trail through the dunes.
guided-horseback-ride-along-cape-cod-bay.jpgBecky and "Silver" led the way as we trotted through the surf.
riding-the-sandy-neck-dune.jpgAnd up we went to the top of a dune. Breathtaking views!

After a short rest break in a pretty little scrub-pine forest in the dunes, we were on our way again.

From start to finish, my long-awaited beach ride was a fabulous experience!

Becky was the consummate trail guide and horsewoman: friendly, easy-going, and always attuned to my comfort, safety and the horses' wellbeing.

And "Romeo" was an absolute gem!!

Such a sweet face and temperament to match!

Ridge Valley's guided beach rides:

  • are suitable for all experience levels from novice to advanced riders;

  • last approximately 4 hours, more or less, depending on the pace you're most comfortable with; and

  • can be customized for your group's preferences, and for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Reservations are required! 

* Important *

Ridge Valley has a very limited beach ride schedule.

They only bring their horses to Cape Cod twice a week (at most), and only during the months of April, May, September and October.

Sorry, summer vacationers. You're out of luck on this one.

For more information about guided beach horseback riding on Cape Cod:

You Might Also Wonder ...

What should I wear for horseback riding?

Long pants and closed-toe shoes.

Long pants prevent "saddle burn" from your leg rubbing against the leather. They'll also protect you from insect bites during fly and mosquito season.

Closed-toe shoes are a must! No sandals or flip-flops!

Are riding helmets required? Are they provided?

Yes. Meeting House Farm and Ridge Valley Stables do require riders to wear a helmet.  

Sandy Neck Beach Park regulations require helmets, too:   

"All riders must wear a Safety Equipment Institute (ASTM/SEI) approved horseback riding helmet."

If you don't have your own helmet, your guide will provide one for you to use.

Are there age, height and/or weight restrictions for riders?

Generally speaking, yes.

When you contact the stable to inquire about a trail or beach ride, you'll likely be asked about the age, prior riding experience, and height/weight of each rider in your party.

This information is necessary to assure that the farm has a suitable horse available for each rider. So please be honest when you're answering these questions! ;-)

Can I bring a camera on the ride?

Yes. But please, no selfies while your horse is moving!

For your own safety, keep your hands on the reins and your full attention on the trail.

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Happy Trails! :-)

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