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Fresh Water Fishing License

by Anonymous

Question:I have a RI freshwater fishing license. Do I need one from MA to fish the ponds on the Cape?

Dee's Reply: Hi! There's a reciprocity agreement between Massachusetts and Rhode Island for saltwater fishing permits. But I've never heard of a similar agreement for freshwater fishing.

I've just taken a quick look at our MA fishing license regulations, and the only exception I see is for Wallum Lake, which adjoins RI and MA. It looks like MA licenses are accepted for fishing in the RI part of Wallum Lake, and RI licenses are accepted for fishing in the MA part of the lake.

Other than that, a MA freshwater license would be required to fish in any lake or pond in MA - including the ones on Cape Cod.

All about MA fishing licenses

Penalties for fishing without a MA license

I hope this helps!

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