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Digging Steamers

by Linda Coolidge
(Norton, MA)

Question: How do you go and dig steamers?

Dee's Reply: Hi Linda - To dig your own steamers here on Cape Cod, the first thing you'll need to do is get a shellfishing license from the town where you plan to dig. Taking clams without a license is illegal and can result in big fines!

Some things you should know:

* Most towns allow shellfishing only in certain areas on the shoreline.

* In some towns, you can only dig on specified days of the week.

* Each town also has regulations about what kind of equipment you may use to dig your clams.

If you call or visit the town's Natural Resources Department, they'll give you all the information you need.

Some "must-have" items are a special clam-measuring ring to make sure you don't keep any steamers that are too small), and a container of the proper size so you don't mistakenly keep more than you're allowed.

When you have your license and your tools, then all you need to do is go out at low tide on clamming day, wade in, and dig up your dinner.

If you aren't sure of the best technique to use, just ask anyone who's there. Most clammers are happy to show a novice digger the easiest way to collect a basket of fresh steamers.

Have you seen my clam digging page? I have lots of town-by-town shellfishing information there, along with links to buy the tools and equipment you'll need.

Hope this helps. Happy clamming!!

Best Regards,


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