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Cape Cod Tackle Rentals
Where to Rent Fishing Gear

Looking for Cape Cod tackle shops that offer rod and reel rentals?

Gone are the days when most tackle shops on Cape Cod would rent a rod and reel for you to use by the day.

Here are the only ones I know of that still offer daily rentals ...

[Note: If anyone out there knows of a bait and tackle shop that should be on this list and isn't, please let me know. I'll be happy to add it!]

Sunrise Bait & Tackle
431 Route 28
(508) 430-4117

Chatham Bait & Tackle
308 Orleans Road
North Chatham
(508) 292-3323

Blackbeard's Bait & Tackle
50 Brackett Road
(508) 240-3369

Another Option: Buy Your Own Fishing Gear

Why pay someone $25-$30+ a day to borrow their gear when you could buy your own for just a bit more than the cost of a 1-day rental?

Seriously! When you see how great the fishing is in our Cape Cod waters, I have no doubt you'll want to wet a line for more than just one day. So doesn't it make sense to buy an inexpensive rod/reel combo to use while you're here, any time you want? (Answer: "Yes, Dee. It does!)

What to do with your new rod and reel at the end of your Cape Cod vacation? 

  • Keep it handy for your next visit to the Cape. 

  • Donate it to a good-cause thrift shop (e.g., Salvation Army) or charity organization.

  • Craigslist, eBay or garage sale it.

  • Give it away. Maybe to a kid who's standing on the pier or the shoreline, watching you catch fish after fish after fish, and wishin' he/she could catch fish, too. Giving the gift of fishing will be a "feel-good" experience for the kid and for you ... I guarantee it!

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