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Cape Cod Restaurant Discounts & Coupons

by Hollis
(Harwichport MA)

Question: Looking for website for Cape Cod restaurant deals or discount coupons.

Dee's Reply: Hello, Hollis - I notice that you're here on Cape Cod. Happy to hear from you!

These are some of my favorite resources for local restaurant deals ...

Cape Cod Restaurant Discounts On The Web

I only know of a few websites that offer special deals and coupons for restaurants on the Cape:

Cape Cod Daily Deal
This site offers new deals every day. Sometimes it's for a local business or professional service, sometimes it's for a restaurant.

Once you've bought a Deal, you get your discount certificate by printing or scanning it from the website.

Here's a link to the site: Cape Cod Daily Deal

On occasion, you'll find a special deal for a Cape Cod restaurant on LivingSocial.

This is a big, very popular, nation-wide site that has discounts and deals on all sorts of things from travel packages, to spa experiences, to restaurants, and more.

The site doesn't have a section specifically dedicated to Cape Cod. But every now and then, if you check the offers for Boston and vicinity, you'll find deals for Cape Cod.

It's worth taking a moment to sign up for their email alerts: LivingSocial

More Cape Cod Restaurant Discounts

Since you're already here on the Cape, you might want to check:

Cape Week
CapeWeek is a flyer that comes with the Friday edition of the Cape Cod Times newspaper.

Lots of local restaurants and pubs advertise their weekly specials in CapeWeek, and sometimes they'll include a cut-out coupon.

FYI: If you're not a subscriber to the Times, you can pick up a copy of CapeWeek flyer (free) at most local visitors centers.

Cape Cod Visitors Centers
Speaking of visitors centers - they're a fantastic resource for all kinds of discounts and deals Cape-wide.

The next time you're out and about, stop by one of the local visitors centers and pick up some of the tourist guide booklets (Best Read Guide, Cape Cod Guidebook, Kids on the Cape, etc.).

You might be surprised to see how many useful coupons there are in these handy-dandy little booklets.

"Age Has Its Benefits" Discounts
The other day I read a very enlightening post on a friend's Facebook. It was all about shopping and dining discounts for "seniors".

Two things about the post really surprised me:

1. That the term "senior" has a widely varying definition. For some discounts, the qualifying age is as young as 45.

2. That lots of stores and restaurants will give a discount of 10% or more - but they don't advertise that fact. To get a discount, you have to ask for it.

Interesting! I guess it never hurts to ask. What do you have to lose?

Best Regards,


P.S. To All Restaurant Owners on Cape Cod: If you'd like to offer a coupon or deal on my site, please contact me any time.

Comments for Cape Cod Restaurant Discounts & Coupons

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1/2 Price Tapas at emBargo
by: Anonymous

We make it a point to go to Embargo Restaurant at least once a summer and to go on Tuesdays when they have their yummy tapas at half price all night. They do have them all week from 4:30 to 6:00 pm as well and oysters at half price during those hours too.

Dee's Reply: Thanks for mentioning emBargo (453 Main Street, Hyannis)! I agree, their tapas are delish - and half-price is a pretty sweet deal!

by: Anonymous

There is a website called Coupons4CapeCod.com that launched in 2020 that has great coupons, promotions and deals!

Cape Cod 1/2 PriceMarketplace
by: Anonymous

It is appears the 1/2 Price Marketplace is no longer in existence! Where did it GO?

Dee's Reply: Hmmmm. That's odd. I ordered from it just a few months ago. But now I can't find it, either.

Thanks for the heads up!


Cape Cod 1/2 price marketplace
by: Anonymous

Here's the link, but no real deals like in the past before Covid ☹️

Dee's Reply: Thanks for the link!

Apparently the name has changed to "Sweet Deals". And you're right, the deals for the Cape are really limited. Bummer!

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