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Bonfire on the Beach in Harwich MA

by Trish McCarthy
(West Chester, PA)

Question: Is there anywhere in Harwich to have a beach bon fire?

Dee's Reply: Hi Trish - Sorry for the short delay in replying to your question. I wanted to confirm some info with the Town of Harwich before I passed it along to you.

Anyway ... the simple answer to your question is that bonfires aren't allowed on Harwich beaches.

As I thought, Harwich does allow cooking fires on the beach - with a special permit. To qualify as a cook fire, it must be a small, self-contained fire (for example, contained in a charcoal grill), and the fire must actually be used for cooking food. Lighting a fire directly on the sand is a big no-no!

Will a cooking fire be enough for you? If so, the charge for a permit is currently $20. A $50 damage deposit is also required.

To get the permit, you'll need to apply in person at Harwich Recreation Department (100 Oak Street, Harwich, MA). For more info, you can call the Rec Department at (508) 430-7553.

For a real beach bonfire, I'm afraid you're going to have to travel outside Harwich. From Harwich, the nearest spot where you could have a build-your-own beach campfire would be in Eastham, at Coast Guard Beach.

Here's more about beach bonfires, permits, etc.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,


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