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Best Place To Stay With My 24-Foot RV

by Jean
(Toms River, NJ)

Question: I'd like to stay where there are nice restaurants (fresh sea food ) and a leisurely sight seeing including beach etc. I have 2 nights and 3 days vacation. Where is the most convenient RV park to stay? Thanks.

Dee's Reply: Hi Jean - Lots of Cape Cod camping areas can accommodate a 24' RV. So you'll have plenty of places to choose from!

Will you have access to a car while you're here? If so, then any campground that suits your style would be good. They all have great seafood restaurants, sightseeing and beaches within just a few minutes' drive.

If you won't have a car to use for sightseeing and such, then location really does become a key factor. Here are a couple camping areas that could work well for you if you're going to be "car-less" on Cape Cod:

  • Nickerson State Park - Set on nearly 2,000 acres of gorgeous woodlands in Brewster, Nickerson is a wonderful place to camp in the heart of the Cape.

    There's a system of bike trails in and around Nickerson State Park that you can ride all the way out to the National Seashore, to restaurants and sightseeing, and to many other points on the Cape. Bike rentals are available nearby.

  • Adventure Bound Camping Resorts - If you'd like to be a little farther out on the Cape, have a look at Adventure Bound's camping area in Truro.

    From Adventure Bound's North Truro location it's a 10-15 minute walk to the Atlantic Ocean. And there's public transportation to take you into the center of Provincetown where you'll find all the restaurants, pubs, shopping, activities and sightseeing you could want.

You can read more about each of these camping areas, their amenities, and what other travelers had to say about them, here:

Nickerson State Park

Adventure Bound Camping Resort North Truro

I hope this info helps as you plan your trip. Enjoy your Cape Cod vacation!

Best Regards,


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