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Beaches with Waves Near Bourne

by Anonymous
(Bourne, MA)

Question: I just moved to Bourne, and from what I can see, Monument Beach is the only one nearby. But it isn't much of a beach -- no waves. Where's the nearest beach that's really a beach?

Dee's Reply: I understand exactly what you're saying! Monument Beach is a great family beach, but there really aren't any waves to speak of there.

The nearest beach where you'll find some wave action is Scusset Beach. It's part of the Scusset Beach State Reservation, at the eastern end of the Cape Cod Canal on the "mainland" side in Sandwich.

Scusset Beach

This is a Cape Cod Bay beach. Generally speaking, there's more wave action on Cape Cod Bay than on Buzzards Bay (the location of Monument Beach). Cape Cod Bay doesn't have knock-you-off-your-feet kind of waves, but it does have waves, none the less.

The trade-off is that the Cape Cod Bay waters are somewhat cooler than Buzzards Bay waters. So just be ready for a little chillier swim when you go there.

Assuming that you live on the "Cape side" of the Canal, all you have to do to get to Scusset is go over the bridge (either one), follow Rt. 6 east to the Sagamore flyover, then follow the signs to Scusset Beach.

It's a relatively quick and easy drive from anywhere in Bourne. Probably 20 minutes, give or take - traffic depending.

FYI: In season, parking fees at Scusset are $7 per day. However, the parking fee is waived for vehicles with a handicapped license plate, placard or disabled veterans’ license plate.

Also, if you're a Mass. resident who's 62 years of age or older, then you'd qualify for a Massachusetts Senior Citizen Park Pass (free). With the Pass, you would be able to park at no charge.

Or ... if you live near the Canal and you're really ambitious, you could bikeride to Scusset. Use the Canal access road (it's a walking/biking/in-line skating path) on the mainland side of the Canal, and pedal all the way to the eastern end of the Canal in Sandwich. It's definitely do-able on the flat, paved surface, and it's a really pretty ride.

Nauset Beach

Now, if you're looking for a beach with real, honest-to-goodness ocean waves and crashing surf, then your nearest choice is Nauset Beach in Orleans. That'll be about a 50+ minute drive down Rt. 6 from Bourne, assuming no traffic tie-ups.

Although it's considerably farther away for you, I really encourage you to take a trip out to Orleans when you have a free day and feel like making the drive. You'll be glad you did, I guarantee it!

Nauset Beach is one of my all-time favorite beaches on the whole eastern US coast. It's a big and beautiful Atlantic Ocean beach with some of the most breathtaking scenery you can imagine. It's definitely a "real beach", with real waves.

FYI on Nauset Beach: A warm, sunny autumn day is a fantastic time to be there. Not much traffic to be concerned with, fewer people on the beach ... when I'm there in the fall, it sometimes feels like I have the whole place to myself.

As soon as I get a few spare minutes, I'll dig some photos of Scusset Beach and Nauset Beach out of my archives and post them for you to see.

Please give me a day or two to find the pics and make them "web-ready", then check back here on this page to see them.

I hope this info helps. Be sure to visit my All-in-One Beach Guide by clicking here.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to post back!

Welcome to Cape Cod!!

Best Regards,


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