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Beach Birthday Party With Fire and Alcohol

by Dmitriy

Question: Hello! My wife is turning 35 this year (early August), and she wanted to have her birthday party "in a beach house on the beach".

Whenever we gather with friends, there is usually music (guitars and stuff) and a fire. I saw your information about fires on the beach and it sounds like Barnstable is the only acceptable location (the other locations are too far for people coming from Boston).

Do you have any suggestions on venues, rentals, bars, function places that would be able to satisfy these requirements?

Sandy Neck Beach would be close to perfect (and we'd even rent RVs or ORVs), but they prohibit alcohol...

Any advice or even a suggestion on where to check is greatly appreciated!

Dee's Reply: Hello, Dmitry -

I must admit, I giggled when I read the title of your question. Fire and alcohol are a dangerous combination ;-)

Seriously, though ... I can't think of a beach on Cape Cod where booze and bonfires are allowed. As far as I know, alcohol isn't allowed on any public beaches.

Yes, on occasion I do see folks on the beach with an "adult beverage" in hand, enjoying the sunset or the night sky. But when it comes to an organized gathering on the beach, complete with food, music and booze, it's not worth the risk of breaking the law. (As memorable as it would be, I doubt that your wife envisions a visit from the local police as part of her 35th birthday celebration!)

So that brings us to the alternatives. For that, I'll need a little more information:

- How long do you and your wife plan on staying on the Cape? An overnight, a few days, a week?

- How many people will be attending the party?

- Is the party for adults only, or will guests under the age of 21 be included, too?

You can reply to me by clicking the post comments link below. I'll get back to you as soon as I can with some ideas ...

Best Regards,


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