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Wellfleet Harbor Beach

by Donna L Salmon
(Brooklyn, CT )

Question: How do I get to Wellfleet Harbor Beach?

Dee's Reply: Hi Donna - I've never heard of a beach called "Wellfleet Harbor Beach". As far as I know, the only public beaches on Wellfleet Harbor are Mayo, Indian Neck, and Burton Baker.

Mayo Beach

Mayo Beach is on the inner portion of the harbor, adjacent to the town pier.

Driving directions to Mayo Beach:

  • Take Rt. 6 to Wellfleet.

  • Turn off Rt. 6 onto Main Street. (You'll see signs for Wellfleet Center/Wellfleet Harbor).

  • Follow Main Street to Commercial Street, then continue on Commercial Street all the way to its end.

  • Turn right onto Kendrick Avenue.

You'll see a Mayo Beach sign and the public parking lot.

Indian Neck / Burton Baker

Indian Neck Beach and Burton Baker Beach are outside the downtown area, farther out on the harbor's shoreline.

Driving directions to Indian Neck/Burton Baker
  • Take Rt. 6 to Wellfleet

  • Turn off Rt. 6 onto Pilgrim Spring Road

  • Follow Pilgrim Spring Road to Indian Neck Road

  • Indian Neck Road will intersect with Samoset Avenue and Nauset Road.

Burton Baker is a small beach/landing in the area where Indian Neck, Nauset and Samoset intersect. You'll find Indian Neck Beach and parking down at the end by the jetty.

Finally, it's certainly possible that there's private or restricted-access beach that's known as Wellfleet Harbor Beach, and it's just escaped my notice.

Can you can give me any more information about the beach you're looking for (ex., how you learned about it, what it's near, etc.)? If so, let me know, and I'll be happy to see if I can find it for you.

Best Regards,


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