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Traveling by Tour Bus

by Jean
(North Carolina)

Question: Will travel by tour bus, and the 6 days are visit Cape Cod, travel Rte. 6, Martha's Vineyard, Hyannis Port.

Do you think this is a good way to visit the area for the 1st time, and are the places the main sites to visit?

Dee's Reply: Hello, Jean!

Many first-time visitors to Cape Cod choose to come on an organized bus tour. It's a convenient way to travel and a good way to see the area in a short time.

Cape Cod is a large peninsula, nearly 70 miles long from the Cape Cod Canal to the northernmost point at Provincetown. We have 15 towns. Each town is very different from the others. As you travel Rte. 6, I imagine you'll stop to vist a number of towns along the way.

You've mentioned that you'll be visiting Hyannis Port. It's a lovely little village that was the home of our late President John F. Kennedy and his family, as you likely know. In Hyannis Port, you'll see beautiful tree-lined streets, quaint homes and elegant estates, and have scenic views of Nantucket Sound.

Your day will also likely include time to explore the larger village of Hyannis. Main Street in Hyannis, and the Harbor area just a few blocks away, are full of places to shop, have a bite to eat, and stroll through parks and along the waterfront.

Hyannis also has a number of interesting small museums, all within easy walking distance. Some of my favorites are the John F. Kennedy Museum, the Cape Cod Maritime Museum, and the Cape Cod Baseball League Hall of Fame and Museum. All are well worth taking the time to see.

Your visit to Martha's Vineyard will be a day to remember, I'm sure! The island of Martha's Vineyard is just a short ferry ride away from Cape Cod. The ferry ride itself is a fun experience. The boats are large, stable and comfortable, and you'll have a great view of the harbor and the sights along the shoreline as you leave Cape Cod and arrive at Martha's Vineyard.

Once on the island, perhaps your tour company has a few hours of guided sightseeing arranged for you. I hope so!

The island's countryside is beautiful, as are the beaches, of course. In the port town of Oak Bluffs, some of the top attractions are the "Flying Horses" - the oldest working platform carousel in the United States - and the brightly colored, Victorian-style cottages and Tabernacle in the center of town.

If your bus tour is like others I'm familiar with, I'm sure you'll have a chance to see the sites I've mentioned, as well as many others that Cape Cod is famous for ... the Cape Cod Canal, our working lighthouses, Cape Cod National Seashore, the Pilgrim Monument, and many more.

Wherever your tour guide takes you, I know you'll have a wonderful time and fall in love with Cape Cod. Enjoy!

Best Regards,


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