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Travel Time to Cape Cod the Last Week of June

by Karyn
(Albany , NY)

Question: Hi! We are taking our Girl Scout troop to Martha's Vineyard on Monday, June 27. We are worried about getting over the canal in time to make our ferry (will either book for 9 or 10 am ferry).

Approx how long should we plan to get over the bridge?

Dee's Reply: Hi Karyn - On a Monday morning in late June, I wouldn't expect traffic to be heavy coming onto the Cape. At very worst, it might be slow coming over the bridge; but I doubt traffic would be stopped entirely unless a disabled vehicle was gumming up the works.

If you add an extra 15-20 minutes to your estimated drive time to account for possible slow-downs at the bridge, you should be okay.

That said, if you're coming from Albany, there are a few other potential trouble spots to be aware of before you get anywhere near Cape Cod.

I assume you'll be taking Rt. 90 (the Mass Pike) east, to I-495 south, to the Bourne Bridge. Having used that route numerous times, I can tell you that in certain areas on the Pike the morning commuter traffic can be a real mess.

From 7 a.m.-ish until about 9 a.m., it's not unusual to find slow going eastbound on the Pike around Sturbridge (Exit 9) and again around Worcester/Auburn (Exit 10). Hopefully you'll be going through that stretch early enough that it'll be perfectly fine. But you might want to add another half-hour to your estimated drive time to account for the possibility of slowed traffic in these areas, too.

Thankfully, the girls will be looking forward to a fantastic field trip to Martha's Vineyard. So I can't imagine there'll be too much grumbling (from them, at least) about getting out of bed, dressed, and on the road in the wee-small hours of the morning. ;-)

Have a wonderful time!

Best Regards,


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