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Senior Discount on Bus Fares

by Ted Wasserman
(Armonk NY)

Question: Is there a senior discount available on the bus from Logan Airport to Falmouth? Thanks.

Dee's Reply: Hi Ted - The short answer to your question is: "Yes. But ..."

Yes, Peter Pan Bus Lines does offer a 5 percent senior discount on one-way and round-trip unrestricted adult fares for travelers who are aged 62 and over.

But ... the senior discount is only available if you purchase your ticket in-person, from a ticketing agent. There's no senior discount for online ticket purchases.

Seems like it would be a better deal to buy in-person from a ticketing agent, rather than online, doesn't it? Well, not necessarily.

I spoke with a representative of Peter Pan a few minutes ago, and I learned that it's actually a little cheaper to buy your tickets online, even without the senior discount.

Why? Because online fares are already discounted, and the added "ticketing fees" are lower online ($2.50 at a ticketing agent and only $1.00 online).

So, when all is said and done, I suspect your fare will be lower by foregoing the senior discount and buying your ticket online.

Either way, I'd recommend that you contact Peter Pan directly, and have them calculate your actual fares for online purchase vs. agency ticketing, just to be sure.

The company's customer service number is (800) 343-9999. Or you can "chat" with a company representative on-line at: www.peterpanbus.com

I hope this information helps!

Best Regards,


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