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Romantic Winter Getaway To Cape Cod

by Corneliust
(Lowell, MA 01852)

Question: Where can we get a romantic hotel for 1 night on December 25. Its our silver annivesary.

Price to range below $120.00 for the night.


Dee's Reply: Congratulations on your upcoming special day!

And what a wonderful time to visit Cape Cod. The towns are all decorated up for the Holidays, and it's an especially beautiful and festive time to be here.

Without knowing what town you'd like to stay in or what part of the Cape you'd like to visit, it's a bit of a challenge to answer your question. But I'll do my best to give you some ideas, and then please feel free to get back to me if you need more info ...

For "romantic lodging" in Cape Cod during the off-season, my first choice would be a bed and breakfast inn.

I know that some gentlemen balk at the thought of staying at a B&B. But for personalized service in a unique setting (at very reasonable rates), a bed and breakfast inn is really worth considering.

A number of Cape Cod bed and breakfasts are Colonial-era residences or 1800's vintage sea captains homes that have been beautifully restored. In many Cape Cod B&Bs you'll feel transported back in history, yet you'll still have the modern amenities of today's world.

When there's a chill in the air, or snow is falling (as the weather report is hinting at for the time you plan to be here), there's nothing more romantic than a quiet walk on the beach, then returning to your B&B and cuddling up by the fireplace with a hot cocoa or a glass of wine!

There are many excellent B&Bs all across the Cape, and a number of them do remain open during the off season.

Not knowing exactly where you'd like to stay, I'd suggest that you check a number of bed and breakfast inns to get a sense of what B&Bs are like here on the Cape. Read the reviews, see the photos, etc., and I'm sure you'll find a nice selection that'll suit your tastes and be in (or very close to) your price range.

If you'd prefer a more traditional hotel-style setting, your choices will probably be a bit more limited since a number of Cape Cod hotels do close during the off-season.

However, there is one hotel that you might want to look into, and that's the Chatham Bars Inn. I know the CBI does stay open in the off-season, and many vacationers find the setting and the accommodations perfect for a romantic getaway.

Chatham is a lovely, quite upscale town ... and the Chatham Bars Inn fits that description, too.

Although their in-season rates are also quite "upscale", I've found that the CBI usually offers some very deep discounts during the off season. Since your trip to the Cape is only a few days away, perhaps you'll be able to get a last-minute or special holiday rate that'll fit your budget.

Finally, let me once again congratulate you on your 25th anniversary and wish you all the happiness in the world in the years to come!

Best Regards,


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