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Question: I am looking for a July 4th parade where the floats throw candy in the streets for the children. I saw one in Martha's Vineyard but traveling there would not be affordable. Any suggestions?

Dee's Reply: Hmmmm ... that's a good question!

I don't remember candy being tossed to the crowds at any of the 4th of July parades I've been to in recent years. Although it's possible that it happened, and I just missed it.

I'll do some checking around with friends in various towns, and if I learn of a parade with candy-tossing floats, I'll post back and let you know.

In the interim, maybe a helpful soul will jump in here with an answer to this interesting question.

** Whaddaya say, folks? Does anyone know of a 4th of July parade on Cape Cod with sweet treats flying through the air?

If you do, please click on the "post comments" link below to tell us about it!

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