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One Night Stay for Bachelorette Getaway

by Leah

Question: Are there any places to stay on Cape Cod that don't have a two-night minimum stay requirement in the summer? (July 25th)

I am planning a bachelorette and we want a nice hotel to stay at, possibly do a spa day.

But we only want to stay one night. Thank you!

Dee's Reply: Hi, Leah. As I expect you've already discovered, it's nearly impossible to find single-night lodging on Cape Cod in the summer ... especially for a Saturday night in peak season.

I've done a little checking around, and so far, the only place I've found that has a single night available for July 25th is Hampton Inn & Suites in West Yarmouth.

Hampton Inn isn't an elegant hotel, but it's quite nice.

Hampton Inn & Suites Cape Cod - West Yarmouth

Other than that, I've come up empty so far.

Is there any chance you ladies can do a 2-night getaway? Or maybe come mid-week instead of on the weekend?

With work schedules, family obligations, etc., I know mid-week is probably out. But it would sure make it easier to find a place to stay!

Anyway, if you'll let me know: how many rooms you'll need; what your price range is per room; and which part of the Cape you'd prefer to stay in, I'll be happy to do a little more investigating to see if I can find somewhere that might work well for you.

Best Regards,


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