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Cape Cod Vacation in March

by Sharon

Question: Are most attractions, galleries, and restaurants open in March? I am considering a trip to the Cape the week of March 7-14.

Dee's Reply: Hi Sharon - March is a quiet month on Cape Cod. Winter is when visitors come to the Cape to really get away from it all. Is everything open? No. Is there enough open to keep you busy and well fed? Yes.

Whether you'll enjoy visiting the Cape in March really depends on what kind of vacation you're hoping for.

If you're looking for a peaceful place where you can spend your days walking on deserted beaches, poking around in cool little shops, museums and galleries, exploring miles of nature trails, and stopping into a local restaurant or pub for a warming bowl of chowder, then I think the Cape in March might be right up your alley.

On the other hand, if you're interested in somewhere with a more active buzz, then Cape Cod in the wintertime might is probably a little too quiet for you.

If you'll let me know which town or area of the Cape you're thinking of staying in, I'll be happy to give you some specific suggestions for places to see and things to do in that part of Cape Cod in March. Hopefully, that'll give you a better sense of whether the Cape in March is right for you.

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