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Cape Cod in September

by Carleton

Question: What's the weather like in Cape Cod in September? Is it still warm, or will we need to bring sweaters, jackets, and long pants?

Dee's Reply:

Hi Carleton -

You've chosen a wonderful time to visit the Cape! It's my favorite time of year here.

September on Cape Cod is usually warm-ish, from upper 60s to mid-70s (farenheit) during the day. But it does get chilly when the sun begins to set. And every now and then we do have some late September days that aren't much warmer than low 60s. For me, that's sweater weather!

So I'd say it's better to be safe than sorry. If you bring some warmer clothes along with your shorts and tee shirts, you'll be ready for whatever Mother Nature brings us this year.

Enjoy your time on the Cape!


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Cape Cod in September
by: VicHoran

Hello -

I wonder if someone can help me. We are going to Cape Cod for our Honeymoon in early September (3rd Sept 2012) and I wondered what the weather would be like so I know what type of stuff to pack??

What was the weather like last year in September - in England it was very pleasant. I do like the beach so I am hoping that I can get a few days sunbathing (fingers crossed).

We are staying in Hyannis but hope to tour all of the Cape - any suggestions of where to go ?

Many thanks.

Reply to VicHoran
by: Dee

Hi Vic -

Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!

The first week of September on Cape Cod is usually glorious weather. It's late summer, so air temps are often in the mid-70s during the day and drop to the upper 40s or low 50s at night. (Those are all Fahrenheit degrees. Not sure of the C conversions - sorry!)

I don't really want to tell you what the first week of September was like last year, although you asked, so I will.

It rained nearly the whole week. I remember it well, because my hubby and I always take the first week in September off from work and spend 10-12 hours each day on the water fishing. Didn't get much fishing in that week. Ugh!

But please, don't go by last year's weather. That was very unusual.

Anyway - as far as what to pack, you'll want to bring both warm weather clothing along with some cover-ups for the cooler evenings.

Pack your swimsuits, as well. If you're staying in Hyannis, you'll be on the Nantucket Sound (south) side of the Cape.

Nantucket Sound is normally warm enough for swimming during early September. And if the weather we're having right now is any indication, it's looking like we're in for a smokin' hot summer and above-average water temps. Today is the first day of spring, and it feels like early summer!

Now, on to your other question about things to do on Cape Cod in September. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to create a separate page for that part of your question because there's just so much to see and do.

Check back a little later on my "Ask Me A Question" page to see my response ...

Best Regards,


September Weather
by: Natanja

Now that we have progressed into summer, do you have any opinions about what kind of weather September can expect? We are in the midwest and it's been extremely hot this year. I'm hoping that means it will still be warm through September there . . .any thoughts?


Reply to Natanja
by: Dee

Hi Natanja -

Aaaaah, September. My favorite month of the year on Cape Cod!

As far this coming September's weather, it's anybody's guess.

This spring was all over the boards, weather-wise, with unusually warm days in March and April, some "down vest days" in May, and a bunch of umbrella days thrown in for good measure.

A few weeks ago, full-on summer appeared, seemingly overnight. And so far, July is lookin' good for the hot summer trend to continue.

I'm keeping my fingers (and toes, and eyes, and every other body part ;-) crossed that this September we'll have our usual spectacular weather ... sunshine, mid-70s, light southwest breezes.

If you'll keep yours crossed, too - then hopefully we'll get our wish!

Best Regards,


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