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Cape Cod Beach Fire Permits

by P.W.

Question: I am proposing to my girlfriend THIS weekend on a Cape Cod beach with the company of 4 close friends (which beach, I am not certain).

I would like to have a small fire but need a permit.

Who exactly do I call, how much does a beach fire permit cost, and where do I pick it up? Can you please help me?

Dee's Reply: Congrats! What a fantastic way to pop the question!

Since you say you haven't decided which beach you prefer, let me first mention that not many beaches on the Cape allow beach campfires, so your choices will be pretty limited.

Your best bet will be one of the Atantic Ocean beaches out on the Cape Cod National Seashore - which also happens to be the most beautiful part of the Cape (IMHO).

At this time of year, the National Seashore allows campfires at Coast Guard Beach, Nauset Light Beach and Marconi Beach.

Of the three, my suggestion would be Coast Guard Beach. It's easy to get to, you won't have far to lug your fire wood from the parking area, and best of all ... 50 years from now you can tell your grandkids how you proposed to their grandmother on one of the "Top 10 Beaches in the USA".

To reserve your permit, call the Salt Pond Visitors Center at (508) 255-3421. Follow the prompts until you're connected with the front desk.

I'd call sooner rather than later. Even though there isn't much demand for beach campfire permits during the winter months, there are only a few given out each day. And you want to be sure you get one in time!

There's no cost for your permit. They're free.

Finally, just FYI - right now the weather predictions for this weekend are for a little light snow on Saturday night. I can't imagine a more romantic proposal than on the beach, at night, with a campfire going and snowflakes falling. (I mention "at night", because campfires are only permitted after 5 p.m.)

I hope this info helps with your planning. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Best Regards,


P.S. You'll find lots more about Cape Cod beaches, beach bonfires, etc. in my All-in-One Beach Guide, here.

Post-Proposal Update: She said "Yes"!

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