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Boston to Provincetown: Highway & Street Lights

by Monica
(Wichita, KS)

Question: We'll be driving from Boston to Cape Cod, probably to Provincetown, in October and after dark. Are the highways/streets well lit?

Dee's Reply: What a great question, Monica!

I'll assume your route from Boston to Provincetown will be:

  • I-93 south to Rt.3 south

  • Go over the Sagamore Bridge

  • Then Rt. 6 to Provincetown

It's been quite a while since I've driven from Boston back to the Cape after dark. But as I recall, I-93 in the Boston metropolitan area is well lighted at night.

On Rt. 3 south to Cape Cod, there's very little (if any?) highway lighting. And once you're on the Cape, there's virtually no auxiliary lighting along Rt. 6 between the Sagamore Bridge and Provincetown.

That said, once you're outside the Boston metro area, it's actually a pretty easy drive to Provincetown. The roads are simple to navigate, exits are well marked, and traffic is generally not an issue after the evening commuter rush hour has passed.

I do understand, though, that driving after dark is an issue for many people. I'm one of them. I really don't like driving on unfamiliar roads at night!

If you're like me in that respect, you'll definitely want to do your drive during daylight hours. Or, if that's not possible, there are a couple other options such as taking a bus or flying.

I'm not sure if the flights would fit into your schedule, but the bus should be do-able for you.

The only "hitch" with the bus is that you'd have to transfer from one bus to another in Hyannis to go all the way out to Provincetown. Not sure how that would work into your schedule, either.

Finally, depending on when you'll be traveling in October, the Boston-Provincetown ferry might still be running. It runs on kind of a limited schedule after Labor Day, and service ends for the season on Columbus Day weekend.

Here's a link to lots of info about the various modes of transportation: Click here.

Hope this helps! If you have more questions, please feel free to ask!!

Best Regards,


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