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Blue Crab Question

by Rick W.
(Berkley, Ma.)

Question: I heard Blue Crabs are in...Do you know the towns in Southeastern Ma. they are being caught? If you are not sure...That is ok!

Thank you, for taking your valuable time to help anyone and everyone that has questions. You are very-good person!

P.S I have Googled it...but I found no concrete info...

Dee's Reply: Thank you, Rick, for your very kind words. I thoroughly enjoy answering people's questions whenever I can. But it's always especially nice to know that my efforts are appreciated!

As far as the blue crabs go, I checked out one of my favorite crabbing spots on the Cape last weekend. (No, it wasn't Crab Creek. It was a hidden little cove that you can only get to by boat. ;-) Nobody was home - yet.

The only resource I know of for current SE Massachusetts crabbing information is BlueCrab.info's forums, here.

Hope this helps. Happy crabbin'!!!

Best Regards,


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